Cyber Sex Infidelity exposed by Coventry Lie Detector Test

May 15, 2021

Cyber Sex Infidelity exposed by Coventry Lie Detector Test

Our client´s husband had already been caught having an affair some years ago. However, the consequences of cyber sex infidelity were far worse.

Mandy´s Case

When Mandy found out her husband, Giles, was having an affair with someone he’d met at a conference their marriage almost ended. At the time, they had two young children and relationship counselling helped them restore trust. The marriage remained back on track for several years but Giles´s behaviour changed recently.

Over the past few months, he was up in the middle of the night on his laptop. He said he couldn´t sleep so might as well work. Yet if Mandy walked into his study, he´d close the laptop immediately. His obsession with keeping his phone with him at all times was noticeable too.

Mandy was convinced something was wrong. He´d displayed the same behaviour years before when he was having the affair.

Heated arguments

Giles was permanently agitated, and Mandy demanded to know what was going on. His voice raised a few octaves as he denied anything was wrong.  She asked if she could use his laptop one day because her´s was overheating. Giles said his work was confidential, so she couldn´t. Mandy said she had not intention of looking at his work files but still he wouldn´t allow it.

The ensuing arguments over his behaviour became unbearable, resulting with on or other of them leaving the house to cool off.

Coventry lie detector test

Mandy´s best friend, Heather, put her in touch with us.  Heather worked for private investigators and knew that lie detector tests were often used in cases of alleged cheating.

It took a series of ultimatums from Mandy, for Giles to finally agree to take the Coventry lie detector tests she had booked for him. One of our West Midlands polygraph examiners conducted the test as their home.

Pre-test interview

Giles admitted, during the pre-test interview, that he had a huge problem but it wasn´t infidelity. He was worried that his stress about this problem would reflect in the polygraph results.

It transpired that he´d been contacted by one of his followers on Twitter. She´d direct messaged him and offered him a mind-blowing virtual experience. They spent a lot of time sexting each other and then she sent him a video of herself leaving nothing to the imagination. She then asked him to send her a sexy video of himself and he did.

Within 24 hours of him sending her the video he received an email blackmailing him. It said that all his contacts had been hacked from his computer and the video was going to be sent to all of them if he didn´t pay £3, 750 immediately.  He was instructed to send the money via Western Union.

The woman he was in contact with on Twitter closed her account and he realised he had been the victim of a scam.

He paid the money and every month a new demand arrived. The scammer was bleeding him dry.

Cyber sex infidelity

For some reason, many people believe that infidelity only applies to physical contact whereas it actually manifests in many forms. Cyber sex is a dangerous game to play, especially when uploading pictures and videos.  Scammers and blackmailers are making billions out of this activity every year.


When Mandy received the fully analysed report of the Coventry lie detector test, including the content of the pre-test interview, she was horrified. If the video of Giles circulated among friends, family and colleagues it would be humiliating to say the least. Giles might even lose his job.

Her view is that his cyber sex infidelity is equally as bad as the affair he had but the consequences much more serious. She is currently staying with a friend, considering whether it is worth saving her marriage or not.  The children are grown up so she isn´t sure she has a reason to stay.

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