Listening to talk radio and watching debates on TV it is clear that the public is becoming more exasperated with the lies politicians tell. In our spotlight this week is Rory Stewart OBE who apologised for stating on BBC Radio 5 Live that 80 percent of the British public supported Theresa May’s Brexit deal.  In the flowery language we associate with politicians, he then said that this was what he believed. It wasn’t a fact and was a lie. For this reason we extend an invitation to him to take our Cumbria Le Detector Test.  Alternatively he can, if it is more convenient, take one in London or any other location outside of his constituency. We also invite our readers to submit questions they would like to be asked of him.

Who is Rory Stewart?

Currently in the running for the Tory leadership, Rory Stewart is the Member of Parliament for Penrith and the Border, an office he has held since 2010. As the son of a diplomat he has never been far away from politics.  He is without doubt a career politician and switched allegiance from the Labour Party in his teens to the Conservatives later in life.  He has connections in high places, tutoring Princes Harry and William when he was a student at Oxford.

You can click on Rory Stewart OBE to read more about his life and career.

Cumbria Lie Detector Test

So far none of the politicians we have invited to take lie detector tests have responded but we battle on in the hope we will find an honest one.  Up until October we will be extending several invitations to politicians to be asked questions regarding their stance on Brexit.

Today we have chosen Rory Stewart because it isn’t beyond the realms of belief that if he can tell one lie, he has told more.  We have offered our Cumbria lie detector test because it is near to his constituency.

Lie detector test challenge for politicians

Since the EU referendum there has been exhaustive debate about the topic.  Leave supporters accuse Remainers of telling lies in the campaign and vice versa.  What we have seen is much confusion over what a lie is and mere opinion.

Politicians are masters of oratory so it’s quite amazing how the general public has been utterly dumbfounded by their narratives. Let’s see who is prepared to take the challenge and separate the truth from the lies shall we?

If you would like a politician put under our lie detector test spotlight let us know which one, and why you feel they should take a test.

Any politician prepared to take a polygraph test should contact us before October 2019 when Britain allegedly is leaving the EU.