Croydon polygraph used for fraud case

A Croydon polygraph could have helped police in a recent fraud case. Police have taken three men into custody for committing fraudulent crimes.

The case

Three men are in police custody in South London for suspicions involving inheritance fraud.

Jonathan Abraham, Emmanuel Samuel and Jerry [Chucks] are all suspects.


One address appears to be near to Ritchie Road in Croydon, according to footage of the arrest.

The three men are at Westminster Magistrates Court awaiting the proceedings to begin.

International crimes

Further suspects with a role in the scam were arrested by Spanish authorities in Madrid too, while linked enforcement activity also took place in Portugal.

National Crime Agency investigators have been working with the US Department of Justice. They have also worked with the US Postal Inspection Service and European partners. The joint forces have secured evidence for this case.

Fraudulent letters

The fraud was committed by sending unexpected letters to people to tell them that a long lost relative had passed away and that they were in line to inherit their assets.

Victims were drawn in to further communications where they would then be persuaded to pay charges and costs to release the assets.

Thousands of victims

Thousands of people are victims of fraud worth millions of dollars.

NCA Senior Investigating Officer David Smithers said: “Anyone can be a victim of fraud, but this scam was particularly cruel and therefore resulted in many horrific outcomes.

Organised crimes

“Firstly, the joint operation demonstrates the complexity of organised fraud. Secondly this is often transnational and involves dispersed networks of ruthless criminals working together to identify and target victims. Finally, proceedings will now commence to extradite these suspects to the US to face prosecution.

“The NCA is tackling high risk serious criminals, including those who are committing serious fraud, which can ruin the lives of victims.

“We will continue to work closely with international partners to build our intelligence picture and tackle the perpetrators.”

How a lie detector test could have helped the police

In conclusion, Police are now looking to implement more polygraph testing at their arrest and interrogation stages. Adding a lie detector test into these stages ensures that police have an extra indicator when making a decision on whether a suspect is guilty or not. The added scientific test means police have more evidence and facts to take into their final opinion and charges.

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