We receive a lot of enquiries about whether teenagers can take polygraph tests.  This one relates to a query about a Croydon lie detector test for bullying.

Q: Can my 16 year old daughter take a Croydon lie detector test for bullying?

My daughter has been avoiding school now for just over a year. I think she’s probably had more sick days than attendance days, and I’m worried about the reason behind it.

It first started when Jane began complaining of period pains. She would say they were so bad that she couldn’t even get out of bed. I took her to the doctor and he suggested putting her on the pill. Despite being a little uncomfortable about it, I agreed. The pains got better after this but then she complained of feeling so sick she couldn’t get out of bed again. This was only a few months after she started taking the pill. A trip to the doctor revealed nothing wrong. He’s done blood tests, urine tests and all sorts of other tests administered in hospital but they can’t find anything wrong.

I’ve been so worried I’ve even thought of paying for her to see a private doctor for a second opinion. The reason for my email is that I’ve heard rumours she’s being bullied. I’ve asked her about it and if the illnesses are fake (the doctor thinks so) and just an excuse to get out of going to school.

Jane was fine all over the Christmas holidays but when it came time to go back to school she’s off sick again. I appreciate the repercussions of her not attending and have even had a letter threatening to take me to court. I’m in two minds, she is either genuinely ill and the doctors don’t know what it is or she is being bullied and fabricating the illness to get out of going to school. Do you think your Croydon lie detector test service could help me?

I. L., Croydon

Response from Croydon polygraph examiner

There certainly seems to be something going on doesn’t there?  Have you checked her social media accounts to see if you can pick up any clues?  Or perhaps spoken to her teachers?

With your written consent I am able to administer a polygraph test to your daughter.  If she is being bullied she may find it easier to talk to someone outside of her normal sphere.  She may well feel embarrassed to admit it to you.

You can book a Croydon lie detector test online or call us on our free helpline to discuss how best to persuade Jane that she should take a test.  You may come up against opposition.   Let our customer service representative know that the Croydon polygraph examiner has asked you to call in.

I hope to meet you and your daughter soon.

Our polygraph examiners work their way through as many of your enquiries as they can. Don’t worry if you haven’t had a response yet, we will get round to it as soon as possible.  If you query is urgent please call us on  07572 748364, our free helpline. You can also contact us via our website.