Crawley Lie Detector Test exposes ex-wife’s Dishonesty

Our client suspected his ex-wife wasn’t being completely honest with him. Concerned about his young daughter, he booked a Crawley lie detector test to ensure she was safe.

Darryl’s Case

It had been hard when Darryl divorced his wife, Karen. She’d cheated and it had broken his heart. They’d tried to stay together for the sake of Becca, their youngest, but it hadn’t worked out. He couldn’t trust her anymore. It was a difficult decision but they parted amicably.

Darryl was to move out and they were going to share the custody of Becca. He would pay maintenance directly to Karen to stop any complications of going through the courts. Darryl had been there before and it had ended badly, but his other son from a different relationship was now 18 and he no longer had to pay for him. Of course, he still helped out when needed but it wasn’t a regular payment anymore.

 Bad mother

The problems began whenever Darryl picked up Becca. She was always alone or with one of the neighbours. Karen was never anywhere to be seen.  When Darryl asked her what was going on, Karen said she had to work.

Becca had a different story. She told him that she was always alone and if she wasn’t her mother would have other men around, different ones each week. Darryl confronted Karen about this and she said Becca was making things up, as she was rebelling against the break up. She said she looked after Becca’s every need and that she was just trying to make trouble. At 8, Darryl thought about this and spoke to his mother. She’d said it was possible, and she knew Becca was having a hard time without her Dad being around.

Pub crawl

Darryl was out with his friends on a pub crawl for a bachelor party one evening. He knew most of the bar owners in the town and each one had been pleased to see him, having not seen him for some time.  Although two told him they’d seen his ex-wife almost every night.

When he saw Karen next he asked her about being out every night in the pubs. She retorted that the publicans must be mistaken. As much as he loved his ex-wife, Darryl couldn’t believe her. This wasn’t about him, it was about their daughter.

Crawley lie detector test

Darryl contacted us to enquire about a Crawley lie detector test. He needed to know his daughter was safe. Having booked the test he called Karen who refused to take it. She changed her mind after Darryl threatened to call social services and let them deal with the problem.

The following week our Crawley polygraph examiner arrived at Karen’s home to conduct the test. During the pre-test interview Karen confessed that she had been out drinking most nights.

The results of the test indicated that she was leaving Becca alone when she went out and also that she had an alcohol addiction.

Moving forward

Darryl helped Karen into rehab but went to court to get full custody of Becca. This was granted without question and Karen can only see Becca via supervised visits. This isn’t what Darryl wanted but he’s happy his daughter is safe and doing well under his supervision. Karen has the help she needs but Darryl is still wary of her. It’s going to take a long time before he can trust her to have Becca alone.

Darryl is considering arranging for Karen to take a Crawley lie detector test periodically to make sure she hasn’t relapsed.  If she stays sober for 18 months or so he might allow her to have Becca for the odd weekend, but it’s early days yet.

Polygraph Service London/Home Counties

If you are worried that an ex, who has custody of your child, is lying to you a lie detector test may be the way forward.  We are able to administer tests in our London/Home Counties offices or make a home visit if you prefer.  Contact us on our free helpline or via our website to find out if we can help you with your specific issue.