Covid-19 Update – Lifting of Restrictions Roadmap

Feb 23, 2021

Covid-19 Update – Lifting of Restrictions Roadmap 

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced a 4 step easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in England yesterday. By following these steps to control the spread of the virus the PM believes it won’t be necessary to impose further nationwide lockdowns. These steps only apply to England since Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own rules.

Between each of the 4 stages, a minimum of 5 weeks will be required before the next step is implemented. This gives the government 4 weeks to assess the success of each step and one week’s notice for business and the general public to prepare for the next step.

The 4 steps will apply to the whole of England and won’t be rolled out, as has happened previously, region by region.  However, if a new variant of the virus emerges locally, restrictions may be imposed on such an area in an attempt to eliminate the variant.

  • Each stage will be subject to a 4 test review:
  • How quickly the vaccine programme is deployed
  • The impact vaccines have on decreasing hospitalisations and deaths
  • General infection rates
  • The emergence of new variants

Step One – 8 March 2021

Step One includes children going back to school, opening of childcare facilities and changes in socialising rules. Residents of care homes will be able to have one regular, named visitor but the ‘stay at home’ restriction will remain in place.  You can see the full details on the graphics below.

Covid-19 easing of lockdown restrictions roadmap

Covid-19 Roadmap February 2021

Step Two – 29 March

Step Two includes changes in how many people can gather outside and in their own private gardens. Outdoor sporting facilities will be permitted to open and people will be able to participate in some outside sports. The ’stay at home’ rule will cease but people are advised to remain in their local area as much as possible.  Working from home continues to be encouraged wherever practical.  Travel abroad is prohibited except in exceptional circumstances. Refer to the graphic below:

Covid-19 Roadmap 2020, easing of lockdown restrictionsFrom no earlier than 21 April, Step Two will continue with the following:

  • Non-essential retail, personal care premises such as hairdressers and nail salons, public buildings such as libraries and museums, most outdoor attractions will open.
  • Wider social contact rules will apply in all of these settings, i.e. only visit with members of your own household.
  • Indoor leisure facilities swimming pools and gyms open for people on their own or from their household.
  • Hospitality venues will reopen for outdoor purposes only. Restaurants and pubs can serve people sat at outside tables in line with the rules of social contact – the “rule of six” people or two households. There will be no requirement to have a substantial meal.
  • Self contained accommodation campsites and holiday lets where indoor facilities which are not shared will also be allowed to open.
  • Funerals can go ahead with up to 30 people. Weddings and commemorative events rise from six people to 15.

Step Three – not before 17 May

Many social contact rules outside will change in Step Three and the rule of 6 or two families will apply indoors. Cinemas, hotels, restaurants and pubs will reopen as will facilities offering indoor adult sports and exercise classes. See the graphic below for more details.

Covid-19 easing of lockdown restrictions February 2021

Step Four – not before 21 June

Social contact limits will be removed and sectors that have not been reopened during the first 3 steps will be permitted to open. It is hoped that all restrictions will be lifted on performances and large events, weddings and funerals. See graphic below for more details.

Covid-19 Roadmap 2021, easing of Covid restrictions February 2021

All of the above steps are subject to review at any time should the plan not work as the government expects.

Lifting of Restrictions Roadmap

At Lie Detector Test UK we welcome the Government’s lifting of restrictions roadmap as we will be able to open more of our offices.  Throughout the pandemic we have managed to deliver both home and controlled office tests but often clients have had to travel further for an office test.  When booking a lie detector test using our online secure reservation system check availability of locations. If in doubt please call our free helpline on 0800 368 8277.

Let’s all hope that this plan works well and nothing goes wrong.  We need our freedom back, our businesses fully open and to repair our economy.

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