Covid-19 Update

Dec 8, 2021

Covid-19 Update February 2021

It’s wonderful to see that we appear to be heading towards a new normal, with many countries settling into a new phase of life after COVID. COVID-19 does remain a risk and we should all be extra vigilant to stop a new wave occurring. So, what is happening in your area?


Friday 11th February – If you are fully vaccinated you will no longer need to complete a COVID-19 test before or after you fly from the UK, you must still complete a passenger locator form. If you have not had all of your vaccines, you will need a negative pre-departure test and will need to take a PCR on, or before day 2. You will only need to quarantine if it is a positive result.

Monday 21st February – Students and staff in most childcare and education settings will no longer be required to take 2 tests per week.

Thursday 24th February – You are no longer legally required to self-isolate if you test positive for COVD-19, however the government urges you to consider those around you and stay home if you can.

The conclusion made by Prime Minister Boris Johnson is that there are no restrictions currently in place in England.


Wednesday 23rd February – Isolation period for positive test results will remain at 7 days minimum. If you are entering Scotland, you need to take a test three days before you plan to travel, and then on the day of travel. If you test positive please, self-isolate.

Monday 28th February – You will no longer need to have had all of your vaccinations (including your booster) or be approved onto the The COVID certification scheme to go to pubs, nightclubs or events.

Secondary school pupils and staff will no longer need to wear a face covering.

Monday 21st March – All restrictions to be lifted, providing there is no surge in COVD-19 case’s.

First Minister for Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon is still requesting people use caution when going back to their new normal. Confirming COVID-19 is under control but has not been eradicated.


Monday 28th February – Face coverings are only mandatory in shops, health care venues and on public transport. COVID-19 risk assessments must continue in regulated premises and you MUST continue to isolate if you have positive test result.

Monday 28th March – All restrictions to be removed if state of pubic health remains positive.

Mark Drakeford, Minister for Wales will provide further details as the situation changes.

Northern Ireland

Wednesday 16th February – Isolation Unchanged – In the event that you come into contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19, and you are already fully vaccinated with all doses (including your booster), daily rapid lateral flow tests can be taken for 7 days instead of isolating if the results are negative. However, if you test positive or feel unwell with symptoms relating to the virus you must isolate for 10 days. All is not lost though as you can end your isolation period if you do not have a temperature and have negative lateral flow results for 2 consecutive days, taken a minimum of 24 hours apart on day 6 and 7. You must continue to self-isolate until you have two negative tests as above.

All remaining restrictions, such as COVID-19 certificates to enter nightclubs and bars, requirements for face coverings and limits on the amount of people who can meet indoors have all been completely removed.

Secretary of state for Northern Ireland, Brandon Lewis has confirmed that although he has removed all restrictions, except isolation the government requests you continue to follow the same health and hygiene rules as we previously legally in place.

Keep Safe – Stop the country going into another lockdown

You are no longer obligated to do any of the below, however it is a recommendation from each government. Here are our common-sense tips to avoid spreading COVID, however here are our tips to help you keep it and bay, protect yourself and others.

  1. Get you vaccinations and your booster jab.
  2. Get your COVID passport.
  3. Get a PCR test if you’ve been identified as a close contact and self-isolate if you haven’t been fully vaccinated.
  4. Wash your hands.
  5. Wear a face-covering.
  6. Carry hand sanitizer.
  7. Eat healthy to boost your immune system.
  8. Limit your contacts – this includes the amount of social contact you have with other households. 
  9. Avoid large gatherings and busy places. 
  10. Spend time outdoors rather than indoors. 
  11. Don’t travel to or from places with higher COVID-19 infection rates.
  12. Get travel insurance before you fly.

We will continue to keep you updated with any changes that may affect you and our services. We have been able to continue to serve our clients and help them through their most difficult times during the pandemic and we hope that the removing of these restrictions will help more of you feel confident enough to embrace the problems you are facing and contact us if you need help finding those all important answers you have been searching for.

As always, all of our services are available to clients in need of them. We are still able to provide home and office tests throughout most of the UK. Please contact our dedicated Customer Support team for more information on 0800 861 1058.

We will naturally keep everyone updated on our blog and social media platforms. All the latest governments updates for your specific nation can be accessed by clicking the below links:

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales.



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