Coventry polygraph test proves affair

The case

A Coventry polygraph test recently proved a husband guilty of cheating on his wife. Stacey wanted Ian to take a polygraph test when she discovered a bra in his car that didn’t belong to her. Here is Stacey’s story and the outcome of her case.

The beginning

Stacey met Ian back when they were studying business at Coventry college. Ian was slightly older than Stacey and already had two children. Stacey recalls how she loved Ian’s caring and thoughtful nature. She says that being slightly older and being a dad meant Ian was mature and responsible.

Suspicions start

The issues started when Ian got a new job after lockdown last year. The pandemic meant Ian lost his job as a self-employed plumber. Luckily, Ian won a contract for two years with a large building company. The new job meant Ian was based on site for four days a week and in the office for one day a week. Ian was happy with the new responsibility and to be meeting new people. Stacey noticed Ian kept mentioning the project manager Poppy a lot. However, she just assumed that Ian mentioned her because he had to work so closely with her.

The evidence

Ian had been working overtime a lot during the first three months of his new job. One Saturday when Ian went off to watch football with his friends, Stacey decided she would clean his truck to help him out. Ian had stayed late at work the Friday evening and his truck was a mess, so she thought it was a nice way of showing him she was there to help and support him. However, when it came to cleaning the back of Ian’s truck, she found a pink lacey bra that she knew wasn’t hers. It wasn’t even Stacey’s size, shocked and upset she put the bra back and stopped cleaning the truck whilst she thought what to do.

What to do?

Stacey rang her sister and asked for advice. Her sister advised that she book a polygraph test for Ian. She explained how when her and her partner had issues, she had taken a lie detector test and couldn’t recommend it enough. The test had stopped the couple arguing and proved who was guilty or not without the drawn-out process of accusing each other. Stacey looked at Lie Detector Test UK’s website after her sister sent across our details.

The test

Stacey told Ian that evening that she had found the bra and wanted Ian to take a lie detector test. Ian tried arguing that a mate had borrowed the truck for a date, and it must belong to the date. He agreed to take the polygraph test and said he had nothing to hide. However, the next week when Ian took his test at our Coventry office, the results showed he was lying. Ian confessed to Stacey that he had been having an affair with Poppy. He said it had been a mistake and he regretted his actions, he told Poppy he wanted to end it weeks ago. He said Poppy must have left the bra deliberately in the truck to cause an argument between him and Stacey. Stacey said she wanted a break and to go to marriage counselling whilst she decided if she could forgive Ian.

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