Case Study | Coventry Lie Detector Test exposes Online Gigolo

Feb 5, 2020

The approach to Valentine’s Day is always a busy time for our polygraph examiners. Suspicions of infidelity abound, sometimes founded and occasionally not. This case from last year might interest those with long distance relationships.  Our client booked a Coventry lie detector test for her Turkish lover after her best friend questioned the relationship.

Sharon’s Case

Sharon had been seeing Fabio for a while now and Dina, her best friend, was worried. When Sharon said seeing, she actually meant emailing, online chatting and sending him money. Fabio lived in Turkey and had contacted Sharon out of the blue on social media. They’d got chatting and he declared his undying love for her after just a week or two. She’d been over to Turkey twice and met his family. They’d stayed in a lavish hotel which Sharon had paid for. Dina didn’t like it one bit.

Long distance love

Dina expressed doubt about Fabio’s motives to Sharon. She warned her that a lot of women are contacted by people like this and it’s all a scam. Sharon snapped at her and they’d had a huge row. She knew Fabio loved her and who was Dina to question her newfound relationship? The two friends didn’t speak for a month. Sharon was upset that her friend wasn’t happy for her. She was the one always trying to get her to go out and meet new people. Sharon never wanted to go out, as she thought people would laugh at her or make her feel uncomfortable about her size. Fabio didn’t care that she was rather large. In fact, he said he liked larger women.

Reaching out for help

Sharon finally contacted Dina when Fabio asked her to buy him a new laptop. The previous week, she’d bought him a new phone and paid for a flight for him to visit her. They were going to have a romantic week and he was arriving the day before Valentine’s Day.

The money she had inherited from her mother was diminishing fast and she had nothing to show for it, apart from a few holiday snaps. She needed Dina’s advice before she blew the lot. She still had enough to buy herself a flat and couldn’t bear it if she lost that money too. Dina was a financial advisor and would know what to do.

Sharon hadn’t wanted to believe Fabio was a conman but why did he need all this expensive stuff? He said he’d broken his old phone and couldn’t talk to her without a new one. She’d offered a cheaper phone but he wanted a new iPhone. Eventually she’d caved in and bought it. The flight was fine; she’d offered that, but now a new laptop! Fabio explained his old one was damaged, so he couldn’t work to earn money to feed his family. All these things added up to someone who was struggling financially.

A true friend

Dina had been on Sharon’s doorstep pretty much straight away. She told Sharon that the first thing she should do was book a Coventry lie detector test on the day Fabio was arriving. Dina would then collect him from the airport.

Fabio landed and Dina was taken aback by how handsome he was. This man couldn’t be interested in Sharon or anyone less attractive than a supermodel. She felt sorry for her friend as they drove to the polygraph examiner’s office and hoped she was wrong. Dina made it clear to Fabio that he would have to take the test or he wouldn’t be seeing Sharon at all.  Given little choice he’d reluctantly agreed.

Coventry lie detector test results

A few hours after the test the results were emailed to Sharon. Fabio had insisted on booking into a hotel due to having to take the polygraph test which Dina thought was a good idea.

The results of the Coventry lie detector test revealed Fabio was only interested in Sharon’s money. When they first began communicating Sharon had explained she’d been lonely after her mother had died in the first few messages to him. She mentioned that the money she’d been left didn’t mean anything and would rather her mother was still around. It hadn’t been long after this that Fabio had started asking her to send him the odd £20 or £50 here and there.

The polygraph test exposed Fabio for the conman he was. When Sharon went to confront him, she wasn’t surprised to find he’d checked out. She blocked him on social media and on her phone.

She and Dina spent Valentine’s Day together in their pyjamas watching Bridget Jones with wine, a takeaway and no men in sight.

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