Cougars should Invest in a Pre-relationship Lie Detector Test

Sep 20, 2018

It’s a shame that we as a species don’t seem to learn from the mistakes of others. This particularly seems to be the case with ‘cougar’ women and ‘toy boys’. A pre-marital or pre-relationship lie detector test can prevent a lot of pain and heartache.

Certainly modern young couples are savvier in checking out their partners before making a commitment. However, when you look at magazines such as the popular “Take a Break” and even do a cursory Google search the incidence of younger men conning older women isn’t diminishing. Here are some examples:

Christiane Shellard, 66, and Cristian Mihalea 29

This very chance meeting between a wealthy divorcee and a Romanian who was 37 years younger than her, led to Christiane Shellard lavishing a lot of money on her lover, Cristian.  It left her feeling naïve and hurt her pride more than anything.  Unlike many women we see it didn’t leave her destitute but did lead to a court case. The young man gave her many excuses as to why he needed money but usually the cash wasn’t spent on those things. She would have spent a lot less if she’d invested in a pre-relationship lie detector test. You can read the full story by clicking here

Lisa Morgan, 50, and Boaz Asingwire, 38

These two met whilst working on a contract in Iraq. It was love at first sight for Lisa who comes from Grimsby.  Ugandan born Boaz was her “Mr Right”.  Their relationship led to Lisa giving up her job and moving to Uganda where the couple set up home using Lisa’s money. In a series of ‘business’ enterprises Boaz managed to strip her of all her cash.  She didn’t know the laws in Uganda and her lover told her that foreigners were not able to have their own bank accounts. Hence they had a joint bank account.  He also told her that women weren’t able to own more than 20 shares in a business.  Naturally she believed him, it was after all his country.  The relationship turned sour with Lisa being kept a virtual prisoner in their home. There were incidents of domestic violence and Boaz ‘managed’ all their finances. The relationship ended finally when Boaz was killed in a car accident.  The experience led to Lisa writing a book entitled ‘Love Has Many Faces‘. This is another case where a pre-relationship lie detector test would have revealed so much before any commitment was made. You can read Lisa’s story by clicking here

Denise Hardwick 45, and Badou Colley, 30

This was a holiday romance in the Gambia that led to a marriage that went wrong very quickly. Denise now believes that Badou was really only interested in her money and getting a visa to the UK.  A divorce ensued but the twist in this story is that having already spent £10,000 on finding love, Denise is now in a relationship with yet another young Gambian. It has caused difficulties within her family where some members feel she is being used. If anyone should invest in a pre-marital or pre-relationship lie detector test it has to be Denise! You can read Denise’s story by clicking here

How a pre-relationship lie detector test helps

Lie detector tests not only help to reveal the truth but also to learn something of the character of the subject.  Anyone who is considering marrying or entering into a committed relationship with someone they don’t know well can book a test.  The cost of polygraph tests is minimal in comparison to the thousands mature women have lost when it comes to young lovers. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to affairs of the heart!

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