Lie Detector Test Costs

Feb 27, 2020

Q: What is the price of a private lie detector test?

A: Each lie detector test is unique but broadly the average fee is between £395 and £495 per person for a professional polygraph test conducted by an accredited examiner.


A search on Google of lie detector test cost UK and lie detector test price uk will yield over 2 million pages of results. It is little wonder that people are confused about differing costs among providers.

So why does the price of a polygraph test vary so much?

What you pay for a test will depend on a number of factors mainly as follows:

  • Length of time taken to administer the test
  • Number of questions to be asked
  • Whether or not the test is booked direct or through a third party such as a private investigator or solicitor
  • Seasonal and periodic or multiple test discounts
  • Qualifications, accreditation and experience of the polygraph examiner

It is a fact that in the UK anyone can buy polygraph equipment and conduct lie detector tests. However, the accuracy of such tests will be questionable if the examiner is not highly trained and qualified in its use. In addition, when an examiner is not accredited by a recognised and respected organisation such as the American Polygraph Association (APA) their code of ethics may be dubious. Professional and accredited polygraph examiners are obliged to engage in ongoing training throughout their careers.

Why qualifications, accreditation and experience matter

In much the same way as you wouldn’t employ a plumber to fix your computer, you wouldn’t employ one to conduct a lie detector test either.  Cowboys do exist in our industry and you’ll invariably find them at the cheaper end of the scale.  Not every service that is low priced is rubbish but most rubbish is low priced.  Do you want to run the risk of ending up with dubious results when something important is riding on them?

The more qualified and experienced an examiner is the better chance you have of an accurate test. When they are accredited by the APA you know they are who they say they are. And they adhere to the strict code of ethics set by this Association.

Reputable polygraph service providers will not employ examiners who do not hold a degree in a relevant field such as psycho psychology, forensic psychology and/or criminology; or those who have served within the police force for a considerable period of time. Highly experienced police officers possess excellent investigative skills that align perfectly with polygraph services. They must also have undergone the rigorous training schedule set by the APA.

No matter how experienced an examiner is, peer review of results is essential before a report is sent to a client. When checked by another equally experienced and qualified examiner, you can be assured that the optimum results have been achieved.

Ethical polygraph examiners

Lie detector test results appear in newspapers occasionally with cowboy examiners leaking them.  This practice would never be accepted by the APA.  Only the person who arranged and paid for the test can give that information out and in our view it’s not advisable that they do. Cowboy examiners cannot be trusted to not make additional money on the side or be bribed to produce a desired result.

In the Polygraph Industry, most tests booked in the private sector demand confidentiality.  The people ordering them want to discreetly find out the truth of whatever the issue may be.  Clients do not want results publicised and even if they do, it is never the place of an examiner to publicise them.

Tests conducted by professionals take place in controlled, secure offices or at the home of the subject on request.  Home tests will only be administered if all the environmental conditions, conducive to achieving optimum results, are met. These conditions include no alcohol or drugs to be taken prior to the test, complete quiet and no interruptions during the polygraph examination.

Ethical examiners are unbiased and discreet, never breaking confidentiality.

Paying more or less for a lie detector test

With any service, you get what you pay for.  Invariably if you compromise on quality you will be disappointed.  Check out reviews for lie detector test providers and ask about their examiners’ qualifications.  If you want the best, you’ll pay the requisite price.

If they have one review on a site such as Trust Pilot and it is good the site will show 100 percent positive.  But then one glowing review doesn’t tell you very much does it?  Polygraph service providers won’t collect hundreds of reviews because most people don’t want others to know they are using them. But over 10 are good enough to show how their clients feel. And don’t expect all reviews to be positive.  When a subject is found to be deceptive they are never happy and will often vent their anger in reviews.  Bear in mind that the person taking the test is often not the client who ordered it.


So having searched for ‘ Lie detector test cost UK ‘,and chosen some providers to contact, here are some questions you should ask:

  • Are your polygraph examiners APA or other reputable organisation accredited?
  • What are the qualifications of your examiners?
  • When lie detector tests are completed are the results peer reviewed?
  • Do you offer options for payment e.g., can I pay in instalments?
  • Do you have specialist examiners for sexual or domestic abuse?
  • Are there any discounts available on your lie detector tests?

And any other question you feel you need to ask before making a decision to order a test or not.

Please contact us if you’d like to know more about our nationwide polygraph services. Our free helpline (0800 368 8277) is available for advice on any matter related to finding the truth.  Our specialist tests include, but are not limited to, infidelity, historical sexual abuse, false allegations, addiction, drug and alcohol abuse, theft and fraud.

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