Coronavirus Testing, Residential Lie Detector Tests and easing UK Lockdown Measures

May 6, 2020

Coronavirus Testing and Residential Lie Detector Tests

Throughout the coronavirus lockdown our polygraph examiners have continued their prison and law enforcement work.  However, we put our private work on hold so as not to put our clients at risk by them having to visit our offices.  5 weeks into the lockdown we underwent coronavirus testing.  Luckily, we have all tested negative.

We resumed our polygraph services on 1 May with 122 people who were desperate for lie detector tests.

Residential lie detector tests

Domestic violence is a serious issue in the UK.  With no escape, victims locked down with their abusers have suffered immeasurably.  Flaws in relationships that existed before the lockdown have been fully exposed with people desperate to do something about them.

With so much time on their hands, the worst of people on social media are spreading false allegations.  In some cases this has made their victims’ lives miserable, impacting negatively at home or at work.  The mental health issues caused by this activity can never be underestimated especially when those affected are limited as to what they can do about it.

For these reasons, and many others, we recommenced our private polygraph services. However, we are only conducting residential lie detector tests, in homes where our environmental conditions are met.

Our equipment is disinfected and all necessary safety procedures put in place to ensure limited contact with our clients.  These include the wearing of gloves and masks, as well as keeping a safe distance when the test in in progress.

Easing UK lockdown measures

On Sunday 10 May, it is expected that the government will present its strategy for easing UK lockdown measures. Hopefully this will allow many businesses to return to some level of normality.

We would like to hear from anyone associated with our business, how you are preparing for a lockdown exit.  Are your employees worried about returning to work?  What are you doing to reassure them?  How easy have you found it to get access to coronavirus testing?  Will you organise tests for Covid-19 for your staff?

The government campaign to ensure as few people as possible contracted the virus was commendable.  However, it has resulted in many people being petrified of going back to work for fear of exposure to the virus.

We have found that members of our staff, who have been able to work from home, have functioned exceptionally well.  It has made us think about affording them more flexibility in the future. Have you had a similar experience?

Naturally those that by necessity must work in the office will have access to coronavirus testing.

 UK Polygraph Services

Our polygraph examiners are currently available to administer residential lie detector tests and in some urgent cases, commercial ones.

Please call 0800 368 8277 (Free Helpline) or contact us via our website for more information about the services we can currently provide.

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