Case Study | Corby Polygraph Examiner advises on dating a Reformed Sex Offender

Mar 10, 2021

Corby Polygraph Examiner advises on dating a Reformed Sex Offender

This query came from someone who is dating a reformed sex offender.  Our Corby Polygraph Examiner answered it.

Q:  Can a lie detector test establish if the reformed sex offender I’m dating is telling me the truth?

For some months I have been dating a reformed sex offender.  He was upfront from the beginning that he had been incarcerated for a sex offence.  He’d just been released from prison when I met him.

We get on really well and have many interests in common. However, he won’t discuss the nature of the sex offence.  He says he has served his time and wants to put it all behind him.  When pushed he stated that he’d been falsely accused of raping someone.

My problem is that I have young children. I need to know whether he actually raped someone and if so. was the rape of a woman, man or child?

There must have been some publicity about this. I’ve tried to look online but he has changed his identity and I can’t find anything that relates to the timeframe in which this must have happened.

I’m not prepared to become committed to someone when I don’t have the full facts to make an informed decision.  Can a lie detector test help me find out what I want to know?

M. A., Corby

Response from Corby Polygraph Examiner

What a difficult situation you are in. The short answer is that a lie detector test, with carefully formulated questions, is likely to provide you with the information you need.

However, I have some observations.  He told you that he was falsely accused of raping someone, yet was convicted.  This doesn’t sound like a reformed sex offender but one who is still in denial about what he did. The first step to being reformed requires an acknowledgement of the crime.

You may be able to gain information by asking the police if your partner poses a risk under ‘Sarah’s Law’.  The difficulty will be if they are not aware of the identity he has assumed.

You say that he was upfront about his conviction when he met you. By telling you about it he surely must have expected you to ask more questions. It seems odd that he is reluctant to have a detailed conversation.  You cannot move forward with this relationship until you are in possession of all the facts.

Booking a lie detector test

Before booking a lie detector test you might want to consider having an informal chat about your specific issue.  You can call our confidential, free helpline on 0800 368 8277. Please make our customer care representative aware that I have suggested you call us.

Bear in mind that the person you are dating will have to voluntarily take the test so you will need his consent. If you already have it, you can book a test online choosing any of our East Midlands locations or nationwide offices. It’s also possible to book a home test if that’s what you or your boyfriend would prefer.

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