Corby Lie Detector Test Enquiry about Missing Dog

A distraught owner contacted us about a Corby lie detector test after his dog went missing whilst in the care of his Mother.  Here is the advice our East Midlands polygraph examiner gave him.

Q: Could a lie detector test establish the whereabouts of my dog as I don’t believe the story I’m getting from my step father?

I had to go to Canada recently for a 6 month assignment.  It wasn’t practical to take my dog with me and my Mum who loves him, offered to take care of him.

Unfortunately two weeks after I left, my Mum had to go into hospital with pancreatic problems. My stepfather, Len, was left to care for my dog and he said he didn’t mind at all. A few days before my return, in my regular phone contact, I was told my dog had got out and not come back to the house. I was assured that every attempt had been made to find him.

It crossed my mind that perhaps the dog might have made his way back to my home and asked my Mum to check if she was well enough.  Len said he would check, called me back and said there was no sign of him.

When I got back my Mum said the dog had gone missing several weeks ago.  This seemed strange to me because Len inferred he’d only been gone for a few days. I then asked what had been done to find him.  Len said he’d been out every day calling my dog but that was it!  He hadn’t informed the local police who will always keep an eye out for a missing dog.  No animal rescue centres had been contacted either.  Len said that because Mum was in hospital for several weeks, he hadn’t had time to do anything else.

Naturally I then contacted everyone possible but the difficulty was the discrepancy as to when he went missing.  Mum was adamant it was a few weeks ago and Len said she was confused, it had only been a few days. My Mum can get confused at times but something told me she wasn’t about this.

I’m suspicious of Len.  He has never struck me as being a ‘pet person’ and I wonder whether he has either sold, or given my dog away.  God forbid that he would have just dumped him.  I am so worried about where he is I can’t sleep or eat.

Do you have a Corby lie detector test service and if so, will it determine where my dog is?

P. A., Corby

Response from East Midlands Polygraph Examiner

I’m so sorry to hear this.  When a pet goes missing it’s so distressing wondering where they are and if they are OK.

We do have a Corby lie detector test service. If your stepfather is lying about the dog going missing the test will reveal that.  We can also ask him if he knows where the dog is.  If he is lying about the former he will probably also be lying about the latter.  However, the test won’t establish where your dog is.  Your stepfather may know where he is but he would have to tell you that if the test proves he knows.

Also you’ll have to persuade him to take the test.  He may be reluctant to do so if he is lying to you. I’d advise you to take him to one side, away from your Mother, and tell him you have suspicions about his story.  If he reacts badly, suggest he takes a test and if he refuses you could say you’ll speak to your Mum about it.  That may cause him to confess or he may agree.  Most people who have nothing to hide don’t resist a polygraph examination.

If you need any further advice or more information about the lie detector test, please call 07572 748364. The call is free and our customer service staff, sympathetic and confidential.  Let them know that the East Midlands Polygraph Examiner has suggested you call.

Whichever course you take, I do hope you find your dog and if we can help in any way we will be happy to do so.