Commendable handling of Domestic Abuse by Cleveland Police

Without doubt domestic abuse is a “hidden pandemic” within this Covid-19 pandemic. Referred to as such by Richard Lewis, the Chief Constable of Cleveland Police, he went on to say that irrespective of the incidents his service is dealing with, domestic abuse is largely unreported nationwide.

In December 2020, Cleveland Police were involved in more than 1,600 domestic abuse cases, representing a 12 percent increase in reports.

Domestic violence and homicide

At Lie Detector Test UK, we too are experiencing a 20 percent increase in cases we are handling during lockdowns. Other help organisations such as IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advisors) are reporting similar increases. Nationwide murder cases, as a result of domestic violence, rose significantly during the first lockdown.

Chief Constable Lewis said that he agreed with John Sutherland, former police Chief Constable, in that it is “a disease of pandemic proportion and the single greatest cause of harm in society”. So do we.

So strongly does Cleveland Police feel about this issue that it has made a short video drawing attention to domestic abuse. The participants in it are all local residents, encouraging victims or family and friends to contact the police. You can watch it below:

Cleveland Police improvements

Our Police forces nationwide are aware of how challenging it is to be locked in a home with a partner who is abusive. Cleveland Police in particular, has benefited from improvements Chief Constable Lewis has made regarding responses to domestic abuse. When he joined the force had one of the lowest arrest rated in the UK. Now it has the highest.

Click here for more information about what Cleveland Police are doing to assist domestic abuse victims.

Will you be believed?

We find that one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome for those suffering abuse is reporting it. This applies across the board, irrespective of gender. When family and friends don’t believe their ‘charming’ partner is abusive, victims often consider the police won’t believe them either.

For this reason we have a Domestic Abuse lie detector test, conducted by specialist polygraph examiners. They are highly trained and qualified forensic psychologists, or have years of experience in the police or security services.

If we find deception in an abuser’ test we will report it to the police so that further investigation can ensue. The same applies if we find a victim is not being deceptive.

Free helpline

Quite often victims brainwashed into believing that they deserve the violence or emotional abuse, sometimes spanning years.  No one ever deserves to be abused in any way. Call our Free Helpline on 07572 748364 for more information.  At the very least a problem shared, is a problem halved.

Don’t suffer in silence. If you have an issue about not being believed we can help. If you don’t want to personally report the matter, we will do it for you.