Come down to earth on Earth Day 2021

Earth Day is usually associated with conservation and saving the planet. However, this Earth Day we’re concentrating on ‘down to earth people’ who seem to be a dying breed. How can we hope to tackle the larger issues with so much deception in almost every aspect of our lives?

What is a ‘down to earth’ person?

This type of person randomly appears in our lives usually when we need someone to teach us one of life’s lessons.

A ‘down to earth person is honest even if the truth is painful.  In a world where we are surrounded by people who are not genuine, it’s often a joy to encounter someone who really tells it like it is. These people are not constrained by political correctness and aren’t worried about telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

They inspire us to be better people as we aspire to be just like them. They are usually modest and have no desire to impress anyone.  Down to earth people never seek to impose their views on you. They are respectful of your personal space but have no problem if you invade theirs.

Great listeners

You can rely on a down to earth individual to quietly listen intently when you want to talk. Genuinely interested in what you have to say, they’ll nod reassuringly and maintain great eye contact.  But remember, if you ask their opinion they will come straight to the point without mincing their words.

Not concerned about what you or anyone else thinks about them, they’ll be painfully honest when giving advice.  More often than not, the advice they give will be spot on. Confident in themselves, they will never prostitute their principles.

Actions speak louder than words

Looking at the vast gamut of social media today, it seems that words are speaking louder than actions, which is the reverse of what it should be.

The down to earth person believes that actions speak louder than words and they get things done without seeking recognition.  It’s usually this type of person who donates to charities anonymously.

They don’t look for gratitude when they help you out, just mutual respect.  Living their lives based on strong ethics, morals and principles they never waver.  A down to earth person is always a loyal friend or partner.

Earth Day lie detector test discount

If everyone was down to earth, Lie Detector Test UK wouldn’t exist and our polygraph examiners would be redundant.

Unfortunately we live in an era where lies are everywhere and down to earth people, few and far between.

On this Earth Day we are offering a £100 discount on all controlled office polygraph examinations booked between 22 April 2021 and 29 April 2021. This means that an office test will be the same price as a home test at £395 including VAT.  Any test reserved between these dates must be taken within 28 days of booking.

If you are worrying about a matter concerning any form of dishonesty,  make this Earth Day your day to come down to earth and move forward with your life.