Our client booked a Colchester lie detector test for her husband to find out where he was on Christmas Eve. He should have been at home with his family but wasn’t.

Christina’s Case

The Christmas Eve party had been planned for weeks.  A heated marquee was set up in the grounds and caterers arranged.  Over 70 people had accepted Christina and Miles’s invitation and they were really looking forward to it, or so Christina thought.

Friends and family began to arrive at 8:00pm and there was no sign of Miles.  Christina had called him several times but his mobile went direct to messages.  He finally called her at 8:30 saying he had been delayed at work but would be home as soon as possible.

The guests had a great time.  The events management company had provided everything they said they would.  The food was sumptuous, nobody’s glass was ever empty with waiters and waitresses going round and refilling glasses when required.  The life music was just right for the occasion.

Where is Miles?

By 11:30 Christina was becoming embarrassed by the amount of times guests were asking her where Miles was.  She had phoned him at least 10 times throughout the course of the evening but there was no reply.  At 12:30 she seriously considered calling the police and local hospitals because she was sure something bad had happened.

At 1:00am Miles called.  He was still at the office he said.  Christina asked why he hadn’t answered either his mobile or the office phone since she had tried both.  He said that calls went straight to the switchboard and he had his mobile on silent.

He was a stockbroker and apparently there was a killing to be made for some of his clients but he had to get the buying and selling right.  It was worth millions of pounds he said and it could take several hours more.  He told Christina not to worry if he didn’t get home since he would sleep at the office.  He apologised profusely about not being there for the party but he would make it up to her.

Christmas Day

Miles finally got home at 2:00pm on Christmas Day, just in time to sit down for lunch.  Both sets of parents were there and told him he worked too hard. He’d missed a fantastic party they said.

After lunch, Christina left Miles to entertain the parents saying she was going for a lie down.  The party hadn’t ended until 4 in the morning and she was tired.  On the hall table she noticed Miles’s mobile phone and took it upstairs with her.

Checking through the phone she noticed several messages from someone called Joe.  They had begun around 10am on 24 December with the first one asking what time Miles would be leaving the office.  He replied that he was hoping to leave at 6:00pm.

There were more messages asking what wine Joe should buy and how did Miles like his steak cooked among others.  He replied naming his favourite wine and that he liked his steak medium rare.

There was nothing of a sexual nature in the messages but it was clear that Miles had lied about where he was on Christmas Eve.


Later after their parents had gone home, Christina poured herself and Miles brandies and she asked him where he really was on Christmas Eve.  Looking surprised he said he was at the office as he’d told her.  Christina handed him his phone and asked him to read the messages from and to Joe.  Miles did so and said that his colleague Matt had broken his phone and used Miles’s phone to keep in touch with his gay partner.

“So if I book a Colchester lie detector test, the results will confirm that will they?” asked Christina.

Miles told her not to be ridiculous and angrily stormed off to bed.


Christina didn’t believe a word Miles had said.  He was shifty and went red in the face when she’d handed him his phone.  Miles was very concerned about respectability and had married Christina, she surmised, partly because of her wealth and social status. They lived in Colchester rather than the stockbroker belt because she wanted to be near her parents.  She’d inherited their old manor house from her grandparents and it was her money that kept the estate running. Miles was only two years into stockbroking so had yet to make his own fortune. She entertained his clients and business associates and was the perfect hostess.

If Miles had cheated on her, having signed a pre-nup, he stood to lose everything so that would be her leverage to get him to take a polygraph test.

Colchester lie detector test

On Boxing Day, Christina booked a Colchester lie detector test online for 27 December. She then told Miles she had done it, informing him of what he would lose if he refused.

With no choice, Miles reluctantly agreed.

The results were available a day later. It transpired that ‘Joe’ is actually ‘Jo’.  The affair had been going on for over a year. An heiress, Jo has more money than Christina so much as it hurts his lifestyle won’t suffer during or after the divorce.  This assumes that she will still want Miles after Christina tells her what a gold-digger he is.

The Colchester lie detector test may have brought unwelcome news but at least Christina is starting the New Year free of a cheat. Her resolution for this New Year is to eliminate Miles from her life.