Cleanse the Mind, Body and Soul on Hump Day Wednesday

Are you looking to lose a little weight from your lives, your mind and your midriff? Hump Day Wednesday may be able to help.

Did you know that Budhavar is the day of Mercury and Budha. This day is more commonly known as Wednesday. Mercury is believed to be the youngest of planets and the fountain of knowledge, wealth and wisdom. The ruling god of this planet is known as Lord Vishnu, and Wednesday is dedicated to him.

Making the ‘other man’ disappear

There is an intriguing tale behind the God of Mercury, Budhavar. A long time ago there once was a money lender who went to his in laws’ house to collect his wife. At the time she had been staying there quite a while. He arrived on a Wednesday and the wife’s parents didn’t want their daughter to leave straight away. They believed that travel on a Wednesday wasn’t good for you and there could be unfortunate consequences.

The money lender was in a hurry and didn’t take notice of such nonsense. He therefore ordered his wife to accompany him back home. Their journey was long and soon the wife became thirsty, sending her husband to go and find water for her. When he returned he was shocked to see another man sitting next to his wife in their bullock cart. When asked, the man simply stated he was the true husband of the woman sat next to him, leaving the poor woman dazed and confused about the two men who looked eerily similar. The situation became heated and before anything irreparable transpired, an elderly gentleman came to their rescue and told them to seek refuge in Budha.

It wasn’t long before the man realised he shouldn’t have travelled on a Wednesday and started to pray to Budha. He promised to undertake fasting each Wednesday in exchange for helping him out of his situation. Mercifully, Budha showed compassion to the husband’s plight and made the duplicate man vanish before his very eyes. The money lender, forever grateful now understood the power of true prayer. He kept his promise by observing Budhavar worship and fasting for the rest of his life.

The significance of fasting

Fasting is basically abstaining from food. This is classed as an offering to divine beings and can provide both physical and spiritual enlightenment. The act is supposed to purify you internally and externally. It’s also alleged to cleanse your metabolism and your overall health.

The benefits of fasting

Abstaining from food for 1 day a week, means your body will burn your fat deposits for energy. Fasting is a way to help you lose weight, along with a calorie controlled diet and exercise. It also helps to reset your hunger pangs and restore your energy balance. It’s not just beneficial for your weight, but also helps to lower your blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to a lot of life threatening cardiovascular problems.

Hump Day Wednesday lie detector test discount

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