Child Sexual Abuse exposed by Wolverhampton Lie Detector Test

A grandmother booked a Wolverhampton lie detector test when her granddaughter told her she had been sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend.

Irene and Ellen’s Case

Ellen had always been a problematic child. When she was younger she would blame the things she had done on her other siblings and she was just generally a naughty child. Her mother, Carol, despaired at what to do with her.

Carol couldn’t understand why whenever Ellen went to her grandmother Irene’s she would behave. Irene always commented on how Ellen helped with dinner and cleaned up around the house so that she wouldn’t have to do it.

Ellen never did anything like that at home.  When she wasn’t locked in her room she was causing hell on earth for the entire family. The only person who could get her to stop was her ‘uncle’ Jack.  A friend of Carol’s, he would take Ellen to her room and within an hour or so she was silent as a mouse. Jack had been seeing Carol for a few years and said he knew how to deal with troublesome children, so she let him deal with her tantrums. However, not being able to cope Carol eventually sent Ellen to live with her grandmother.

Ugly duckling

Ellen wasn’t the prettiest of girls but when she turned 16 she changed. The once mousy and plump child blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Her attitude to life was totally different since she’d been living with her Irene. She was no longer unruly and defiant. Outgoing and bubbly, she was generally much happier since she’d moved away from her mother.

One evening Irene complimented her on the change in her demeanour and Ellen started to cry. She confessed that the reason she wasn’t happy at home was because her ‘uncle’ Jack had punished her a lot. Irene suggested this was due to her bad behaviour but Ellen admitted the disturbing fact that she’d been abused. Whenever Jack sent her to her room for a “talking to”, this wasn’t what was on his mind.

Motherly love

Irene called Carol and demanded she come and visit her the following day. She confronted her about Jack’s behaviour and said she must have known what was going on. Carol dismissed the accusations as lies and attention seeking, but Irene knew better. She’d watched this little girl grow into a young woman, and she’d seen the changes in her since she’d left home. Irene contacted us for a Wolverhampton lie detector test. She couldn’t understand how her own daughter wouldn’t believe Ellen, and she was going to prove that the abuse had taken place.

Lie detector test in Wolverhampton

Ellen agreed to go to take the polygraph test because she wanted this horrible situation out in the open. She had sisters still at home and she was worried for their safety.  Our West Midlands polygraph examiner conducted the test at their home. Irene arranged the home visit so that Ellen wouldn’t have to travel to our office, and possibly be exposed to Covid-19, on public transport. She also knew Ellen would be more comfortable in her own home, rather than an unfamiliar office setting.

Within 24 hours of the test taking place, the results were sent to Irene and proved Ellen was telling the truth. Irene contacted the police and there is now an ongoing police investigation.

Carol hasn’t spoken to her mother, or her daughter since the Wolverhampton lie detector test took place. Disgustingly, she stands by her man. Ellen’s two other sisters are now living with Irene, although they state they haven’t been touched at all by Jack.

West Midlands Polygraph Service

Our professional and APA (American Polygraph Association) accredited polygraph examiners work throughout the West Midlands and nationwide.  They are highly experienced in sexual abuse in all its forms and are sympathetic and sensitive toward survivors.  If you have a problem of this type or any other issue, please contact us on our Free Helpline (07572 748364) to find out if a polygraph examination can help you