Child Abuser identified by Salisbury Lie Detector Test

Our client couldn’t understand why her child was having so many accidents when she was out. She decided to book a Salisbury lie detector test for her partner after her mother suggested he might be responsible.

Laura’s Case

Laura felt isolated when she went into lockdown, well everyone did. It was especially hard for her as she had a daughter who had only just been diagnosed with ADHD. Kira was 6 and a real handful. At first her doctor had associated her behaviour with Kira’s father leaving but that was 3 years ago, and now tests had revealed the diagnosis. To some extent Laura was relieved to finally know what was wrong with her little girl but with the lockdown in place it was getting more and more difficult for her to keep her mind occupied.

Father figure

Dan had been seeing Laura for just over a year and after talking it through, they decided they should move in together. The lockdown could give their relationship the chance to see if it worked and Laura was grateful for his help.  He got on well with Kira and Laura felt it might be beneficial to have a father figure in her life.

However, a few weeks into the new living arrangements, Kira’s behaviour became more erratic and she was having little accidents. Laura wanted to take her back to the doctor to discuss her clumsiness but, after reading the side effects of her medication, put it down to her just being a little sleepy.

Frequent accidents

The accidents became more and more frequent. Laura would ask Kira how she’d bruised her arm or cut herself, and Kira would just cry and say she fell over. Laura called her GP and he agreed it was probably the medication and it would take Kira a while to get used to it. The problem Laura couldn’t come to terms with was that all the accidents were happening when she wasn’t around. She’d ask Dan what had happened and he’d say the same as Kira, claiming he’d been watching a film and having a beer when he heard her fall.

Dan seemed to be drinking a lot these days and would lose his temper with Kira at the drop of a hat. He’d been laid off from his building job due to COVID-19 and initially Laura had put it down to that. Dan had no family in the area and had given up his flat to move in with them. Although Laura wanted to ask him to leave, she knew he had nowhere to go. Instinct told her there was something wrong between her daughter and Dan but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Speaking to her mother one evening, it was suggested that she book a Salisbury lie detector test. She asked Dan if he’d touched her daughter and he’d denied it. An almighty row had ensued and she said he needed to agree to a polygraph examination, or she’d report him to the police. If he hadn’t done anything then he had nothing to worry about.

Salisbury lie detector test

On the day of the test Dan seemed nervous. He was shifting around in his seat and the polygraph examiner said if he didn’t stop he would halt the test. The examiner knew all the tricks to try and give an inconclusive result and was fully aware of how to deal with people trying to cheat.

The results from the lie detector test in Salisbury indicated that Dan had been hitting Kira when he lost his temper. Laura knew she was a handful but she didn’t deserve to be beaten. She threw Dan out. It no longer mattered to her where he went and she reported him to the police. She thought about not doing this but wondered what might happen the next time he met someone with young children, would they be safe?

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