Chichester Polygraph Examiner advises on Sexual Advances from Married Man

Jan 15, 2021

Chichester Polygraph Examiner advises on Sexual Advances from Married Man

This enquiry was responded to by our Chichester Polygraph Examiner when someone wrote in about a friend’s husband making a pass at her.

Q: If I take a lie detector test will it prove that my friend’s husband made a pass at me?

I’m writing to you as I’m in a bit of an awkward position.  We had a work Christmas do, it was a socially distanced office party within working hours. My friend, Jemma’s husband is my boss and he made a pass at me. I knocked him back, as obviously Jemma has been a friend since school and I told him I would never do that to her.

Since Christmas I haven’t heard from Jemma which is unusual. I decided to give her call the other day to ask how she was.  She was really nasty and told me she was surprised that I’d called her after trying to kiss her husband at the party. I couldn’t believe it. When the incident happened I told him I wasn’t interested and I’d keep it to myself, as I didn’t want to upset Jemma. We agreed at the time that maybe he’d had a little too much to drink and left it at that. Jemma was furious and said she never wanted to see me again and that she was disgusted with me. It broke my heart. We’ve always been so close and losing her friendship would devastate me.

I don’t want to break up their relationship, but I also don’t want to lose her as a friend. My initial thoughts when it happened were how many other women had he been with behind her back, and I wanted to tell her.  But on balance I decided it was best to keep quiet. Now, I’m angry. Could a lie detector test prove exactly what happened? I know he wouldn’t take one, but I’m willing to. I’m desperate to prove I’m not the person she now thinks I am.

M A., Chichester

Response from Chichester Polygraph Examiner

What a difficult situation for your to be in. A lie detector test will prove that you are being honest but there is no guarantee that it won’t break up their relationship.

Naturally if you are not being deceptive when you say you didn’t make a pass at your friend’s husband, it will be clear he is telling lies. How your friend will react to that can’t be predicted.

However, it’s obvious that you value your friendship with Jemma and perhaps she will respond well to the fact that you are innocent. She will be hurt if she believes a friend as close as you would betray her.

The decision is yours.

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