Chichester Lie Detector Test exposes Fake Medium

When his mother asked for a loan to help her buy Christmas gifts, our client didn’t understand why she was short of cash. A Chichester lie detector test confirmed the reason.

Malcolm’s Case

Eve, Malcolm’s mother, was a sprightly 80 year old. Her husband and Malcolm’s dad died when Eve was 70 and she had been left very comfortably off. So when she asked Malcolm for a loan to buy Christmas gifts for the grandchildren he was surprised. He was happy to loan her the money but asked why she needed it. Eve said she’d left it a bit late to cash in some of her shares but she would do it after Christmas and pay him back. This didn’t satisfy Malcolm because what Eve received in pensions alone was more than sufficient for her needs.

After more discussion it transpired that Eve was seeing a medium on a regular basis. On greater investigation Malcolm established that she had given the medium thousands of pounds. Eve had started seeing her after Malcolm’s dad had died. She said she missed him so much and it was her way of keeping in touch with him.

Checking out the medium

Malcolm decided to visit the medium to check her out. She was typical of what you would expect to find along the seafront. Dressed in gypsy clothing, sitting in a darkened room with a crystal ball Madame Monique welcomed him. She thought he’d come for a psychic reading but soon learned the real purpose of his visit.

In the foyer of her premises Malcolm had seen a list of her charges and none of them could possibly amount to the thousands his mother had spent with her. Eve would have to be there all day, every day to accrue those charges and even then it would be a struggle.

He outright accused Madame Monique of ripping his mother off.  She was outraged and denied doing any such thing.  He asked her how she could explain the thousands of pounds Eve had paid her.  All she would say is that they were donations as well as her normal fees.

Chichester lie detector test

Malcolm accused her of being a fraud and extorting money from a vulnerable pensioner.  He said he wanted her to take a polygraph test to prove her abilities or he would report her to the police. She said she would have no problem with that.

When Malcolm contacted us for a Chichester lie detector test, we explained to him that if this woman believed she was a genuine medium, she would pass the test. He decided to go ahead anyway.

Madame Monique took the test and much to our surprise deception was found. Not only was she not a genuine medium, she didn’t believe she was either. This meant that she was actually defrauding Eve by taking money under false pretences. In consequence Malcolm told the fake medium he wanted the money she had taken from his mother returned. She didn’t have all of it but returned most of it.  Malcolm also told her to shut up shop and move or he would take the polygraph results report to the police.  She obliged and was gone within a week.


Eve was upset that she had been duped but grateful that most of her money was safely back in her bank account.  She admitted that part of the reason for her many visits to Madame Monique was that she was being told what she wanted to hear. Believing in the afterlife, she wanted to know that her husband was happy and well. She was lonely without him.

Malcolm now visits more frequently and involves his mother more in family activities.

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