Chesterfield Lie Detector Test Exposes Married Man

Two years into an intensely romantic relationship, our client was told that her lover was “happily” married. She ordered a Chesterfield lie detector test to establish the truth.

Alvita’s Case

Alvita had been seeing Anton for two years and was convinced they would spend the rest of their lives together. Caring, attentive and protective, he was everything she wanted in a man. They both had baggage from previous marriages, he with his three sons and her with the damage from psychological abuse.

However, over the time they had been together, Alvita learned to trust Anton not to abuse her. She had never met his children because his ex-wife was being difficult about access, or at least that is what he told her. She would allow him to see the kids at their former matrimonial home but wouldn’t let him take them out. He was going through a long court process to address this issue, he said.

Best friend drops a bombshell

One day Samara, Alvita’s best friend, said that someone who knew Anton very well had told her that he was happily married. When Alvita said this wasn’t true Samara told her to think about her relationship.

For example, she said, Alvita had never met his children or any of his family.  They had been going out for two years and yet he never suggested moving in together. Did he call her when he was frequently away on business? Did he answer her calls when he was away? Had she seen his divorce papers?

The more she thought about it, the more Alvita’s suspicions grew. When Anton came round that night she asked him directly if he was still married.  He denied it and seemed annoyed that she mistrusted him.

As time progressed, encouraged by Samara, Alvita realised that she had to know the truth. She’d asked to see Anton’s divorce papers but he said they were with his solicitor. So, she asked him to get a copy of them and he became irritated.

Chesterfield lie detector test

Months went by and the matter was not resolved between the couple. It was causing arguments and Samara suggested that Alvita book a lie detector test for Anton.

She contacted us and booked a polygraph examination in Chesterfield but Anton wasn’t keen on keeping the appointment. When she threatened to end their relationship, he agreed.

Our Derbyshire polygraph examiner conducted the test and found deception in all Anton’s responses.

After the test, he told our examiner that he wasn’t divorced. Every time he had tried to leave his wife, she had threatened suicide. He knew Alvita would never have gone out with him if he told her he was still married.


Alvita decided to end the relationship, not because Anton had lied about his marital status but because he was still sleeping with his wife and had lied to her. about the nature of their relationship. If he had lied to her about something as important as this, what else had he been dishonest about, she wondered.

She wasn’t going to waste any more years of her life on a man who was playing “both ends against the middle” she said.