Chester polygraph used for infidelity accusations

A Chester polygraph is used for infidelity suspicions when our client Steve comes to us suspecting his fiancé guilty of cheating on him. Here is Steve’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK got him the truth he deserved.

The beginning

Steve met his fiancé Helen when the couple were introduced to each other at a mutual friend’s wedding. Steve went to university in Chester with Samantha, who is cousin to Helen. The pair immediately hit it off and became engaged two years after meeting.

Suspicions start

Things became difficult between the couple when Helen told Steve she was ready for children. Steve was unsure if he was ready but told Helen he would think about it. Steve recalls that the difference in being ready for children started to drive a wage between them instead. Helen had started to become close to a work colleague called Joe, and Steve grew even more suspicious of their friendship due to the distance growing between him and Helen.

The texts

One evening Helen went to the pub with her work friends, including Joe. Joe picked Helen up and Steve noticed just half an hour later that Helen had left her phone. He noticed when he heard it ringing, and answered, it was Helen ringing off Joe’s phone checking if she had left her phone at home or lost it in the pub. Steve finished speaking to Helen, but curiosity got the best of him and he decided to search through her WhatsApp. He found numerous flirt messages from Joe, and his jealousy and suspicions grew.


Steve decided to look online for advice on what to do about suspecting his fiancé was cheating on him. He came across Lie Detector Test UK’s blog and found a blog on a similar issue. Steve decided a lie detector test was the best way to move forwards, and used our online booking system to book one in Chester on behalf of Helen. He told Helen what he had found on her phone, and despite her telling him he was being ridiculous over Joe, she agreed to take the lie detector test.

The results

The couple turned up to our Chester office a week later and Helen took her test. The results showed Helen had been telling the truth. She told Steve she was worried that he was looking for excuses or reasons to not try for a baby with her. Steve said he had been scared, but he had been thinking about it and the thought of her cheating on him had made him realise how much he adored her. The couple are now trying for their first baby together and thank Lie Detector Test UK for their help in their case, saying they are now happier and healthier as a couple than ever.

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