Chester lie detector test reveals affair

A Chester lie detector test recently revealed Tom’s wife Lilly guilty of having an affair. Tom shares his story and how Lie Detector Test UK helped him find out the truth he deserved. The new equipment

The start of suspicion

Lilly joined weight watchers a month after lockdown was eased. She had gained a lot of extra weight from no longer walking to work, and from boredom with lockdown. Tom supported Lilly and said if she wanted to join weight watchers then that was her choice and he would help her anyway he could. Tom felt distant from Lilly and assumed it was because her self-esteem was low. The couple no longer had regular sex, and Tom struggled with feeling unwanted by Lilly. He saw Lilly joining weight watchers as a massive step in reconnecting with his wife after a tough few months.

Weight watchers or something else?

Tom noticed that the weight was starting to drop off Lilly. She had been walking and watching what she ate. Although Tom could see the results and hard work Lilly was putting into her diet, he couldn’t help but suspect something else was going on.

Lilly was out most evenings, and when Tom checked the local weight watchers meetings for their area he saw the group only met every Friday. He wondered why Lilly had told him she was at weight watchers for three evenings a week. He shrugged it off and decided maybe she was meeting with friends from the group for extra support.

Lies and more lies

However, a few days later Tom bumped into Hannah. Hannah was Lilly’s best friend and she came over for dinner at the couple’s house. Tom enjoyed catching up with Hannah and said how well Lilly was doing at weight watchers. Hannah was also a member of weight watchers and had been for some time. She looked puzzled at Tom and told him she hadn’t seen Lilly at weight watchers at all. She asked Tom if he was sure she was at the same group.

Tom decided to confront Lilly that evening about where she had been. Lilly was surprised Tom was questioning her and said she had been so embarrassed by her weight gain that she decided to go to wight watchers in Chester, not their local village.

Time for a lie detector test

Tom still had suspicions and decided to research online the local weight watchers groups for Cheshire. After finding groups without Lilly’s membership on, he decided it was time he booked a lie detector test. A few years ago, Lilly had accused Tom of having an affair and he had taken a test with Lie Detector Test UK in our Chester office. He decided to ask Lilly that evening and explained he was still unsure and wanted the proof she wasn’t lying. Lilly agreed to take the exam.

The results

Lilly took her test with us the following week, and the test revealed she was lying. She confessed to Tom shortly after failing her test that she had been having an affair. She said she had started talking to the guy online during lockdown when the couple had been having regular arguments. She had met the guy expecting friendship, but things had developed and she was now sleeping with him. She told Tom she didn’t want a divorce and she was going to end the affair. Lilly and Tom are now undergoing marriage counselling to see if they can work on a future together. Although the truth hurt, Tom thanks us for giving him the truth and he is glad he can now work on his marriage with Lilly in honesty.

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