Our client ordered a Cheshire lie detector test for her husband when she suspected infidelity for the second time in their marriage. The results surprised her.

Megan’s case

Megan was tired after all the Christmas festivities. She’d had all the family visit her this year and aside from the kids setting the table she had to do everything herself. Christmas dinner for 9 people had been a challenge but she’d pulled it off and everyone had a great time. Matthew, her husband had promised to help her but as usual, was stuck at work. He’d been working late a lot recently and Megan was starting to feel uncomfortable about it.

Late nights at the office

Matthew worked in a local call centre for an energy company and it was open 24 hours. He’d made comments about getting overtime in order to buy her and the kids something nice for Christmas. Megan had gone along with it and had barely seen him over the holidays. They’d been struggling financially and the more money that could come into the house the better. Matthew had always worked hard and she thought sacrificing help with the dinner was the very least she could do to support his efforts.

Inexpensive gifts

As a family, they made a big deal of having mince pies and a drink on Christmas Day morning whilst opening their presents. The kids were both over 16 and didn’t get up at 5am anymore to see if Santa had visited. Megan was excited to see what Matthew had managed to pull off after all the extra money he’d been earning. Shaun had been asking for a new mobile phone for months and Amy had wanted a new Samsung tablet. They’d been fully aware they were getting a treat but were both disappointed when they found all they had was a £60 voucher each and a few smaller and inexpensive clothing items. Granted the vouchers were to go towards the items they’d really wanted, but if their dad hadn’t been home in weeks doing overtime, why hadn’t they got the gifts he knew they wanted? Megan didn’t say anything. She didn’t want to cause an argument on Christmas Day and opened her gift. Although Megan hadn’t expected much, she was still surprised to see a voucher for a Spa for a £20 massage. It even looked like he’d bought it from Wowcher and couldn’t have cost him more than £5. If her husband had worked late for nearly two months where was the money?

Credit Card Shock

Matthew told Megan he had thought about buying the expensive gifts but had decided to pay off some of his credit cards instead. He made an excuse about wanting to have a family holiday in the New Year. Megan never opened his post but she didn’t believe him and when the credit card bill arrived she was shocked to see the debt was larger, rather than smaller. Looking through the itemised statement, she noticed bar bills and restaurant payments on the nights Matthew was supposed to be working. There were also payments to hotels she didn’t recognise.

When Matthew came home from work, she confronted him about it. He told her the restaurant payments were on lunch breaks for him and some of the lads. He hadn’t told her as he didn’t think she’d mind. The hotel bills were from bars and not overnight stays. Megan asked where the money was from his overtime and why hadn’t he paid his credit card bill like he’d said he had? Matthew said he had paid it but it must be taking a while to show. He would call them and find out what had happened.

Cheshire lie detector test

Matthew had cheated before and coming into the New Year Megan wasn’t having it happen again. She’d forgiven him the first time and they’d worked through it. Matthew had too much to lose – his home, his kids and pretty much all of his friends. Having been caught he’d stopped going out without Megan and she knew where he was at all times. Megan couldn’t go through it again and contacted us for a Cheshire lie detector test. The last test in she’d ordered from us proved he’d cheated. She really hoped this one would be different and that she was just being paranoid. But deep down she knew he was going to fail. She’d already spoken to Matthews’s parents and warned them that if he failed this test, she would kick him out.  And they could expect him on their doorstep.

Matthew knew he had to take the Cheshire lie detector test, he had no choice. He loved his family and knew if he refused Megan would throw him out. Whilst he had been lying to her, and she was going to be devastated when she found out he had, it wasn’t for the reasons she thought. He was really upset that she didn’t think he’d learned his lesson the first time.

Megan drove Matthew to our Macclesfield office. She’d thought about what she wanted to know and set the questions herself. Our Cheshire polygraph examiner had been supportive and helpful in guiding her how to achieve the answers she needed. Matthew was calm when he emerged from the test and the results arrived the day after.

Facing the truth

Megan opened the results and found Matthew hadn’t been cheating. He’d also been at work doing overtime when he said he had. She’d asked if he’d spent all his overtime money paying bills but it wasn’t a full house and he had lied about that. Megan told him, she’d pay for another test if he didn’t tell her what he’d spent the money on. Matthew explained he’d organised for them to renew their wedding vows the following month on a beach in Thailand. He was devastated that the Cheshire lie detector test had spoilt the surprise he’d been planning.  But he’d agreed to the test because he knew she wouldn’t believe him even if he’d told her.

The couple will renew their vows later in the New Year and Matthew is confident that he won’t be taking another polygraph test any time soon.