Cheltenham Lie Detector Tests reveals Cause of Infidelity Suspicions

When our client’s wife continually accused him of infidelity with no justification at all, he turned the tables by ordering a Cheltenham lie detector test for her.

Karim’s Case

As a modern Muslim Karim didn’t expect his wife, Daniya, to dress in religious garments or to lead her life any differently to her Western friends.

As a successful architect, Karim was much in demand and worked away on projects frequently. Throughout their eight year marriage Daniya had accused him of sleeping with other women. When the accusations began he had felt flattered that she was jealous but it was now becoming intolerable.

Mentally exhausting arguments

During the pandemic he had been at home more but if he left the house for any reason, on his return Daniya would insinuate he had a mistress. Sometimes in her fantasy world, there were several mistresses. The ensuing arguments where mentally exhausting.

To a large extent Karim attributed her behaviour to boredom. They sadly hadn’t been blessed with children, but Daniya was content to look after their home. She had no desire to work. Their home was immaculate and in her spare time Daniya avidly read magazines like “Take a Break”. She was almost addicted to advice columns written by ‘Agony Aunts’ and missed the Jeremy Kyle show terribly.

Cheltenham lie detector test

Having stormed out of the house one day, following a massive row with Daniya, Karim went to visit his cousin, Amir.  He had never spoken to anyone about Daniya’s behaviour before but felt the need to offload. He told Amir that he could no longer cope with falsely being accused of infidelity, day after day. Much more of it and he would have to divorce her, he said.

Amir was surprised that Karim hadn’t sought consolation in the arms of another woman, considering he was getting into the same amount of trouble whether he did it or not.  But the truth was that Karim loved Daniya and would never hurt her in that way.

When Amir suggested that Daniya could be gaslighting him, Karim didn’t understand. Was she accusing him of something she was doing, Amir asked? Karim didn’t think so but Amir suggested, whether he believed it or not, he should get Daniya to agree to a polygraph examination. He could get a lie detector test in Cheltenham, near to where they lived, Amir said.

Perhaps if he accused her of infidelity and insisted she take a Cheltenham lie detector test, she might appreciate how it felt to be accused of something she hadn’t done.

When Karim got home he booked the test and then told Daniya. She was shocked that he would accuse her of cheating. And since she had nothing to hide, of course she would take the test she said.


The lie detector test took place at Karim and Daniya’s home. She said she would feel more comfortable there, rather than visiting our offices. Our Gloucester polygraph examiner administered the test.

In the pre-test interview she told our examiner that everything she saw on TV or read in magazines convinced her that the moral fabric of society was breaking down. Agony Aunts received letters all the time from people convinced their partners were cheating or had cheated.

Her husband was an attractive man and travelling, as he did, she could imagine women seducing him in hotels. He must be aware of it because now, he had accused her of infidelity which was ridiculous.

Daniya´s test results showed no deception and the couple are now considering relationship counselling. Irrespective of what Daniya sees or reads, she needs to learn to trust her husband or she will drive him away.