When our client’s diabetic son’s behaviour changed over time she decided to order our Chelmsford lie detector test service to establish why.

Shelagh’s Case

Shelagh’s 18 year old son, Todd, had always been a balanced teenager until his father left.  During the four months following his Dad’s departure Shelagh noticed significant behavioural changes.  He was a diabetic and handled injecting himself with insulin once a day really well.  The condition made him tired but in a 4 month period he’d been out or up all night and sleeping all day. He lost his part time job and stopped going to college. Whenever Shelagh tried to discuss the situation with him he became angry, telling her that she didn’t understand his illness at all.

When Todd was diagnosed with diabetes Shelagh read everything there was to read on the topic.  The family GP fully informed her of what to expect.  She knew constant tiredness could indicate that he wasn’t administering his insulin. She had lost count of the times she reminded him and he accused her of nagging. He added that this was probably the reason his Dad had left.  The real reason was that his Dad had been caught having an affair and Shelagh had thrown him out. Both parents had decided not to share this information with Todd immediately. The remark hurt Shelagh and she had to bite her lip to not tell her son the truth.

Odd syringe

One night as she sat up waiting for Todd to come in she decided to search his room for clues as to his behaviour.  In her mind, she knew he was close to his father and hated it when he left.  She also knew his condition could be the cause but her instinct told her there was something more. In many ways she felt guilty going through his things but was alarmed by what she found.

Todd’s insulin syringes were very different from the one she found in his bedside cabinet. The fact that it was there at all surprised her since she disposed of his used syringes at the chemist.  She took the odd looking syringe to the chemist the following day and established that it wasn’t a type they sold.

When she got home she waited for Todd to get up and then asked him about it.  He told her that it was one of his old insulin syringes.  Since Shelagh bought his supplies she told him she knew he was lying. He again became angry and stormed out of the house.  Worried that Todd might be using illicit drugs Shelagh contacted us about our Chelmsford lie detector test service for drug addiction.

Chelmsford lie detector test and results

In consultation with Todd’s father Shelagh told Todd she wanted him to take a polygraph test.  He refused and said he would go and live with his father.  When he called his Dad, he was told that he could live with him but not until he had taken the test.

Since Todd was reliant on financial support and housing from his parents he had no choice.  He met our polygraph examiner and during the pre-test interview admitted that he was depressed about his parents’ separation. Some friends had suggested he could get a high out of injecting amphetamine and he’d tried it.  It made him feel so ill that he hadn’t touched it again. He’d forgotten about the old syringe in the drawer.

The Chelmsford lie detector test results showed he was telling the truth.  Todd is now in counselling and his behaviour has improved.  He is now aware of his father’s affair and has come to terms with it.

If you are worried about changes in behaviour from someone close to you, the truth may not be as bad as you imagine.  A polygraph examination is the fastest way to dispel doubt and resolve whatever the problem might be.  Call us for more information on  07572 748364. Our helpline is free and so is our advice.