Cheating with Sex Workers exposed by Doncaster Lie Detector Test

Sep 7, 2021

Cheating with Sex Workers exposed by Doncaster Lie Detector Test

Finding out she had been lied to at the beginning of her relationship, our client booked a Doncaster lie detector test for her partner of 5 years.

Leona´s Case

What began as a wonderful day turned into a nightmare for Leona. She and her partner, Elon, invited several friends over for a barbecue to celebrate the end of Covid restrictions. The food was great with wine and beer flowing copiously.

It was a warm evening as they all sat around having enjoyed catching up with so many friends they hadn’t seen for ages. Then someone started a truth game. Each person had to name their most embarrassing experience, their first love, their worst mistake and so many other things. The last one was “how did you lose your virginity?”

Elon, who had more than enough to drink told the group that he lost it to a prostitute when he was in the Merchant Navy. This shocked Leona since he had told her, not long after they met, that he had lost it to his first girlfriend. But she held her tongue until their guests left.


As the last guest left and the door closed behind them, Leona let rip. Was it true that he’d lost his virginity to a sex worker, she asked? Or was he just saying that for dramatic effect?

Elon told her it was true. His mates had organised it for him because they had all lost theirs. Leona wanted to know if he had used protection and he said that he had. But in the coming days it played on her mind. The girl apparently worked the docks and could have any number of STIs. He might be carrying one without symptoms, and worse given it to her. She told him he needed to go and be tested.

At first he agreed but made no move to sort out a test. When she mentioned it he became angry and told her to stop nagging. In the end he said he didn’t want to speak to his GP about such a test or go to a venereal disease clinic because it was embarrassing.

Determined to get the tests done, Leona found an online service and they both sent off for test kits. The results were negative which was a relief to Leona.

Suspicious behaviour

The next few months were tense. Leona was still trying to deal emotionally with the fact that Elon had lied to her.

Before they hardly had a cross word, now they argued almost every day. Most arguments led to Elon going out and not coming back for hours.

Leona notice that he was more possessive with his phone. He never left it lying around as he always had. Instead, he carried it with him everywhere, even into the bathroom.

Suspicion developed in her mind that when he stormed out after their arguments, it was usually late at night. Was he picking up sex workers, she wondered? He hadn’t been interested in sex with her since the STI tests.

Doncaster lie detector test

Speaking to her sister, Ruth, who had been at their barbecue when the confession had been made, she said that Leona should let bygones be bygones. It was before Elon met her and most people have skeletons in their cupboards that come out when they are drunk.  But if she couldn’t get past it, and thought he was being unfaithful to her, maybe she should book a lie detector test for him.

Leona knew she could no longer trust Elon so she booked a Doncaster lie detector test online with us. When she told Elon, she was surprised that he didn’t object and wondered whether she had got it wrong.

Elon attended the polygraph examination for infidelity. His results returned deception on every question.

However, in the pre-test interview he told our South Yorkshire polygraph examiner that he regretted his drunken confession. From the time he had lost his virginity he had enjoyed the company of sex workers. He thought of them in a completely different way to how he felt about Leona. With a sex worker he could do what he liked, pay for it and leave with no strings attached. But Leona wouldn’t want to do some of the things he liked and nor would he expect her to.

Elon agreed to the polygraph examination because he found it easier to tell a stranger the truth, than telling his partner. When she read the test results report they could discuss it.


Leona received the report within 24 hours and had no desire to discuss it with Elon. Him having sex with sex workers filled her with revulsion.

He was a liar and slept with hookers, what could there possibly be to discuss, she said. The couple have since separated.

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