Cheating Married Man exposed by Mansfield Lie Detector Test

Jun 5, 2021

Cheating Married Man exposed by Mansfield Lie Detector Test

This cheating married man case was handled by our East Midlands polygraph examiner. The Mansfield lie detector test we administered produced some interesting results.

Valerie´s Case

Most of Valerie´s friends were married, and they all told her that if she wasn´t careful she´d be “left on the shelf”.  At 35 she owned her house outright, had a highly successful career as a financial advisor and was content with her life.

Peer pressure eventually led her to join an online dating site. After a few disastrous experiences she found Alec. He was an accountant and more introvert than she was, but they had a lot in common. He liked to cook and so did she.  They enjoyed the same movies and shared the similar political views. Neither had been married.

Having dated Alec for several months, Valerie realised that she had never been to him home. Alec said he lived with his aunt who was suffering from Alzheimer´s and didn´t like visitors. The way he explained it seemed plausible to Valerie, so she just accepted it.

Wedding invitation

When lockdown restrictions lifted, she was invited to a colleague’s wedding and asked Alec if he would be her “plus one”.  He said he would have to check his diary.  Some weeks later, Valerie was being pressured to RSVP and finally Alec said he would go.

The wedding was lovely and when the bride threw her bouquet, Valerie caught it.  Many of her colleagues and friends asked if she would be next.  Alec pretended not to hear.

During the reception, a photographer was moving around the tables and Alec seemed inordinately interested in his movements.  As the photographer moved closer to their table, Alec got up and said he had to call the carer who was sitting with his aunt.

Valerie thought it was a shame that during such a happy event, there were no photos of her and Alec together.

One of the people sitting at their table jokingly suggested that maybe Alec was a cheating married man or worked for the secret service.

Mansfield lie detector test

The fact that someone else had noticed that Alec actively avoided having his phot taken played on Valerie´s mind. She was falling in love with him but knew so little about him. She didn´t even know where he lived.

A few days after the wedding, she asked him outright whether there was anything he wanted to tell her.  For example, was he married? Did he feel the same about her as she felt about him? Was he committed to their relationship?

He responded that he wasn´t married and he was committed. It was then that Valerie asked him if he would take a lie detector test in Mansfield. He wanted to know why. Didn´t she trust him?

Valerie said she was falling in love with him and just wanted to make sure he was telling her the truth. She didn´t want to be hurt and it was very normal for modern couples to screen their partners before being committed to a relationship.

Alec agreed to take the test.

Results and conclusion

The Mansfield lie detector test revealed that Alec was a cheating married man.  However, he´d married a woman much older than he was, who was now suffering from Alzheimer´s.

He’d lied to Valerie because he didn’t feel that he was married in the truest sense of the word. He didn’t want to lose her either.

Valerie was naturally upset that he had lied to her but understood his reasons.  She understands why he doesn’t feel able to divorce his wife or indeed, abandon her.

He hadn´t wanted photos taken just in case eventually someone recognised who he was and told Valerie that he was married.

They have decided to stay together on the proviso that Alec doesn’t tell any more lies.

East Midlands Polygraph Service

Online dating is a minefield of lies and scamming. Screening of potential partners is becoming more common.  Any partner who is genuine and trustworthy is not going to object to a lie detector test.

Our East Midlands polygraph service is available to anyone who has doubts about their relationship or any other matter in which dishonesty is of concern. Call our confidential free helpline for more information – 0800 368 8277.

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