Being married to a cheating husband is not easy, especially when you forgive them. Our client ordered a
Cheshire lie detector test when she had finally had enough of her serial cheating husband.

Carmen’s Case of Cheating Husband

Carmen arrived in Britain from Spain 18 years ago and joined the NHS as a GP. She met her husband,
Allen 2 years later and they married within weeks. It was love at first sight as far as she was

Allen was in the Merchant Navy and spent long periods of time away from home. In many respects
it suited them both. However, the pandemic had thrown them together 24/7. Carmen was working
from home and conducting Zoom meetings with patients. Allen was pacing up and down most of
the time, bored with nothing to do.

When the restrictions were lifted, Allen hoped he would be back at work soon. But with so many
countries in the red zone he wasn’t called back.

Most of the time Carmen was glued to her computer and Allen, now able to go out more, spent a lot
of time with his mates at the pub.

Suspicious behaviour of cheating husband

One evening when Allen had gone out, Carmen heard a lot of pinging. She checked her
phone but it wasn’t hers. Her husband had forgotten to take his phone with him.

Something made her look at the messages because throughout their marriage Allen had cheated on
her. She had even caught him in bed with one of his floosies once. He was always very apologetic
when he was found out and they managed to struggle on with their marriage.

His excuses ranged from being away from home and missing her, so he would have sex with
someone else, fantasising about his wife to she was always busy when he came home and didn’t
pay him enough attention. In some way, he always managed to implicate her in his unfaithfulness
saying it was her fault.

They has been to the odd relationship counselling meeting but with him being away so much and
her so busy, it wasn’t much help. Nevertheless, she forgave him each time and they moved forward
together. The last time he cheated, Carmen told him that if it happened again they must separate or
divorce. She wasn’t prepared to risk contracting an STD and felt she deserved better.

Looking at the messages on his phone, it was clear he was seeing another woman. He had said he
was meeting his mates at a local pub but this woman was waiting for him at a restaurant. If Allen
hadn’t taken her car she would have turned up there just to catch him.

Cheshire lie detector test

When Allen returned home, Carmen confronted him with the messages. He said it was obviously
someone who had got a wrong number. So, Carmen called the number and asked the woman if she
realised she was messaging a married man. During the conversation the woman said that she knew
Allen was married but he had told her, he was separated.

Allen refused to speak to the woman so Carmen cut the call. He insisted that he was not seeing
anyone else and the woman was either lying or had a boyfriend called Alan or Allen. It was a
coincidence if she did, he said.

Carmen ordered a Cheshire lie detector test for her husband the following day. Initially he refused to
take it but when Carmen said she was throwing him out, he agreed.

Results and conclusion

The polygraph examination revealed that Allen had continued cheating since their agreement that he wouldn’t. It wasn’t just with the woman who was messaging him; there had been several.

As usual he told his wife he was sorry and that it would never happen again. But this time Carmen decided she wanted out, she had had enough of her cheating husband. She was still an attractive woman at 40 and had the chance to meet someone who valued her love. She has filed for divorce and Allen is back at sea.

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