Cheating Girlfriend Behaviour leads to Manchester Lie Detector Test

Feb 19, 2020

Our client ordered a Manchester lie detector test after noticing what he perceived to be cheating girlfriend behaviour and then catching her in bed with someone else.

Mark’s Case

Mark had been in a committed relationship with Tamara for 3 years but they had been good friends since school. However, they hadn’t taken the step of moving in together as they worked in different cities.  Tamara was a marketing manager in Manchester and Mark worked in financial services in Birmingham.  The commute would be for either of them on a daily basis would be too much.

Cheating girlfriend behaviour

During the first couple of years they saw each other at least every other weekend. Either Mark would visit Tamara’s flat or Mark, hers.  The last year visits had tailed off dramatically with Tamara aiming for a marketing director promotion.  She was working longer hours and some weekends working at home.  At least that’s what she told Mark.  If he wanted to spend a weekend with her, she put him off and was often too tired to visit him in Birmingham.

Her phone was often not answered if he called her at night and on occasion her excuses didn’t seem credible to him.  In many respects she displayed all the signs of cheating girlfriend behaviour. He’d looked it up on the net and she ticked many of the boxes.

One weekend Mark decided to turn up anyway.  He arrived at around 9pm on Friday evening.  Oddly Tamara was not at home.  Earlier in the day when he called her she said she had a pile of paperwork to go through that night before a meeting on Saturday morning.

Surprise visit

Mark had a key to the flat so let himself in to wait for her.  He tried to call her several times but her phone was off.  At 10:30pm he was hungry and finding nothing in the fridge he ordered a takeaway. Having eaten, at some point he fell asleep on the couch watching a film.

When he woke up in the morning, there was no sign of Tamara so he called her again and heard her phone ringing in the flat.  She must have arrived home while he was asleep.  He walked into the bedroom and found her in bed with a man.  The bedroom door opening had woken Tamara but Mark walked out, picked up his overnight bag and left without saying a word.  He got into his car in state of shock.  Composing himself he made the journey back to Birmingham visiting his sister, Heather, en route.

Heather could see how upset Mark was and he poured his heart out to her.  She insisted that he spent the weekend with her and he was grateful to be looked after.

Memory loss

Tamara rang several times on Saturday but Mark didn’t feel able to speak to her.  On Sunday he called her and asked her how long she had been seeing the other man.

It was a mistake she said. She was sobbing uncontrollably and begged for his forgiveness.  The stress of working so many hours had led to her changing her plans and having a drink after work on Friday with the girls.  She got drunk and had very little recollection of getting home.  The man was someone she worked with and she was as horrified as Mark had been to find him in her bed that morning. She wondered if someone had spiked her drinks.

Heather didn’t believe a word of it.  What more proof of cheating girlfriend behaviour did he need than catching her in bed with someone else?  But Mark loved Tamara and was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Manchester lie detector test

Looking back on the period of time that excuses had been made about the weekends, Heather thought Tamara was lying. She suggested Mark got her to take a Manchester lie detector test before making any decisions about the future of their relationship.

Having spoken to Tamara about it, and got her agreement, Mark booked the polygraph test online with us. When she turned up for the test our examiner spent over an hour on the pre-test interview and went through the questions she would be asked.  During the interview she confessed to seeing the man in question more than once. But she wasn’t having a sexual relationship with him.

The polygraph results confirmed that she hadn’t had sexual intercourse or sexual contact with anyone else since she and Mark had been in a committed relationship.

It transpired that her co-worker had brought her home intending to sleep on the couch. Finding Mark on the couch he had got into bed with Tamara fully clothed. There was nowhere else to sleep. On reflection it was a mistake but had Mark hung around long enough he would have seen he hadn’t undressed.

Tamara and he were just friends and on occasions had gone for a drink after work together, mainly to discuss work. They had never had any form of sexual activity and were just friends.

Repairing the relationship

Mark and Tamara have patched up their relationship and are trying to achieve a better work-life balance.

In Mark’s case he had some reason to be suspicious.  However, sometimes when we search online for cheating behaviour it can run the imagination into overdrive.  In our experience people can look for signs of infidelity where none exist.  Catching your partner in bed with someone else is often exactly what it looks like, but sometimes it isn’t.

The best way to establish the truth in circumstances like Mark’s is to book a lie detector test. It may repair or break your relationship but at least you’ll have the truth. We have controlled offices in most major cities and towns throughout the North West and wider UK. Call our free helpline on 0800 368 8277 if you are experiencing trust issues that need to be resolved.

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