Cheating Boyfriends exposed by Brighton Lie Detector Tests

Our client had suspicions that his partner was cheating on him for over a year. Ultimately it led him to order two Brighton lie detector tests.

Robin´s Case

Robin had been in a relationship with Byron for five years and thought they had a pretty solid relationship. However, during the last year Byron´s behaviour toward him seemed less attentive.

Discussing his feelings one day with Chase, who was Byron´s best friend, Robin was in tears as he explained how paranoid he had become. He´d spent the best part of a year searching through Byron´s pockets, drawers, filing cabinets and anywhere else he could think of to find evidence of cheating.

He obsessively went through the bank and credit card statements searching for unusual expenditure. Although the odd item rang alarm bells for him, Byron always managed to plausibly justify hotel and restaurant bills. As a sales manager, prior to the pandemic, Byron often stayed in hotels. But Robin couldn´t understand why he´d paid for hotel rooms in a local hotel, especially when it was closed. Chase worked for the same company as Byron and he said that the hotel owner was a friend of theirs.  They´d booked rooms for sales meetings on the quiet. The friendly owner provided them with receipt that they could claim back on expenses.

Astounding revelation

Out shopping one day, Robin bumped into the hotel manager in the supermarket.  He asked Robin how he was and how were Chase and Byron? Robin said they were all fine, but their social life had taken a major hit during the pandemic.  The hotel manager was worried that if things didn´t improve he might lose his job. Whilst the owner of the hotel had taken the odd booking during lockdowns, as favours to friends and business associates, the revenue had been negligible.

Robin commiserated with him and said he knew that Byron had used some of the rooms for sales meetings but not that often.  The hotel manager knew all these men by sight but wasn´t aware that Robin and Byron were in a relationship. Indeed, he had cause to believe that Chase and Byron were together.  He said laughingly “Oh is that what they call it for their company expenses?” Robin asked him what he meant. And that was when the bomb dropped.  “Well, you know they are gay don´t you?” the hotel manager asked. Not waiting for Robin to explain that he was also gay and living with Byron, the manager said the rooms were not being used for meeting “wink, wink”.

The two men then continued with their shopping with Robin seething inside.

Derby lie detector tests

When Robin got home, Chase was there as usual with Byron playing computer games. He confronted them with what the hotel manager had said, and both immediately denied it. Chase was married to a woman “for heaven´s sake” they said.

It took Robin less than 10 minutes to book two Brighton lie detector tests online via our website. Giving them their appointment times, Robin said if the tests weren´t taken he was throwing Byron out.

One of our London polygraph examiners conducted the polygraph examinations in our Brighton offices.  Deception was found in both their results.

When Robin got the results 24 hours later, he couldn´t believe what a fool he had been. How had ne not noticed what was going on for so long?


Out of sheer spite Robin called Chase´s wife and told her about the cheating boyfriends. He regretted it the moment he´d spoken to her because she was devastated.

She threw Chase out and he threw Robin out. Neither of them cares where they are or what they are doing any more.