Should there be a Celebrity Lie Detector Show?

Aug 10, 2022

The influence that celebrities have over their fan base is quite powerful. But do they always tell the truth? Should there be a Celebrity Lie Detector Show so that we can find out?

Many celebrities, from singers and comedians to Hollywood actors and actresses, have been more engaged in politics than ever before. Years ago it was pretty unusual to hear a celebrity voice an opinion about anything other than perhaps charitable causes or their work.  But now you might be forgiven if you believe they are part of the governments around the world.  And just like many politicians, celebrities can be economical with the truth if not downright liars.

Celebrity lie detector show

How many of them do you believe would be happy to participate in a Jeremy Kyle or Jerry Springer type, celebrity lie detector show? What would your reaction be if lie detector results showed them to be dishonest?  Would that make you disbelieve things they might say in the future?

Here are some interesting instances where celebrities have been economical with the truth or told huge black lies:

Britney Spears – the ‘morality’ lie

Ms Spears wanted to guard her virginity until she got married, or at least this is what she led everyone to believe. Unfortunately Justin Timberlake let the cat out of the bag when he made it public that they were having a physical relationship.

Paris Hilton

In 2007, having spent 45 days in the slammer for drink driving offences Ms Hilton possibly meant what she said when she was released. She stated she was giving up her party lifestyle so that she could spend more time working with kids in 3rd world countries. Or maybe it was a lie because there is no evidence of her doing this.

Bill Clinton

Presidents of the United States are not usually considered celebrities but Bill Clinton changed all that. He is possibly the only one of our featured celebrities whose political opinion might be worthy of being taken seriously.  His career took a dive because of his somewhat raunchy relationship with Monica Lewinsky which made international headlines.  This was not least due to the fact that he denied anything had happened between them. However, he later confessed and you can hear the way he explains away the lie on the video “Bill Clinton admits to having inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky

We in the Polygraph Industry know that confessions such as these are usually made when no other option is available.

Tiger Woods

A modern day Casanova, Tiger Woods takes some beating in the infidelity stakes!  When his wife found out about just one of his conquests in 2009 she set about him with a golf club ultimately landing him in hospital.  4 months later his wife left him having learned of the existence of fifteen prior mistresses.

Subsequently Woods sought treatment for his addiction to sex admitting to indiscretions with 120 other women.  The consequence of all the publicity surrounding his extramarital affairs was that his career never got back on track.

Whoopi Goldberg and Geri Halliwell

Both these ladies lied about their ages but for different reasons.  Whoopi thought lying about her age would be advantageous as a young budding actress, when applying for film roles.  Geri just deducted 4 years off her age to fit in with the younger Spice Girls even though she looked older at 25.  Of course, these types of white lies invariably do no harm and women have been lying about their ages since time began!

Would a Celebrity Lie Detector Show interest you?

The one thing that all of these celebrities have proven is that they are capable of lying.  Some are huge lies and others not so damning.  The only question is why would you trust anything they say after these revelations?  Let us know if you think a Celebrity Lie Detector Show would interest you!

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