Case Study | Wayward Teenager taught a lesson by Lie Detector Test in West London

Jan 8, 2021

Wayward Teenager taught a lesson by Lie Detector Test in West London

Our client booked a lie detector test in West London when her daughter lied to her once too often.

Faith’s Case

Faith had been brought up to know the difference between right and wrong. She’d learned how to respect her parents from a young age, she’d had to. Her father was in the military and her mother worked with disadvantaged children.  Faith had a very strict upbringing and she’d obeyed her parents until she was 15.

Finding strength

Faith had struggled to cope with the strict regime her parents had put in place. It wasn’t that she’d wanted to disobey them but she felt trapped. Everything she did was questioned and scrutinised. She always felt she wasn’t good enough.  At 15, she left home to try and find a better life.  She’d asked her parents if she could go to see Otis Redding in concert and they had refused. It seemed like a silly reason to leave home, but the years of lectures, chores and criticism had finally taken their toll, so she left.


Faith had built a good life for herself. When she had children of her own she decided that although they would know the difference between right and wrong, they would not be held back from being the people they wanted to be. Clara had come first. She was a good child and wanted to be an actress when she grew up. Briana had come second and she was totally different, constantly skipping school and getting into trouble. Faith tried to rein her in but the “phase” she was going through seemed to not be a “phase” after 3 years.

Briana had been brought home by the police one too many times and Faith had enough. She told Briana she could go and live with her grandmother if she didn’t start to behave. That put the fear of God into both of her children whenever it was said. Briana said she would behave and for a while she did!

Briana always said none of the trouble she got into was her fault. She blamed it on being from a “broken family” and falling in with the wrong crowd. There was nothing wrong with their family and both children had been brought up with plenty of love and respect. Maybe Faith had spoiled Briana a little, something she was regretting now.  The threat of going to Grandma’s over and over lost its impact. Briana knew her mother was only joking and she’d never put her through what she went through as a child.

Lie Detector Test in West London

One evening Briana said she was going to stay at a sister’s. Faith called her eldest daughter to make sure she’d arrived safely. She didn’t want to take any chances with COVID-19, but when she called Clara said she wasn’t there. Briana came home the following morning, reeking of booze. When Faith asked where she’d been, she repeated the same lie.  When Faith told her that Clara said she hadn’t seen her, Briana said her sister was lying and trying to cause trouble. This enraged Faith so she contacted us to order a lie detector test in West London.

At 17, Briana thought she was too young and even if she wasn’t, she was a practised liar and thought she could fool the test. Our West London polygraph examiner conducted the polygraph examination the following week. It proved that Briana hadn’t been with her sister. Of course, Faith knew this but wanted the evidence in black and white. The sisters had always bickered and she knew that Briana would say her sister was stirring to get her into trouble.


With the results of the lie detector test in her hand, Faith continued to drive past their house and to her mother’s. She dropped Briana off and handed her mother the results. Briana was to stay with her for the next few months and learn some respect.

Beryl wasn’t the strict mother she had once been. At 73 she didn’t have the discipline left in her. It didn’t matter though, the fear of Grandma was enough and Briana turned over a new leaf. Now in college, Briana is grateful her mother took the initiative to get her to take a lie detector test in West London. She’d felt humiliated in front of her Grandmother and it taught her that telling lies didn’t make life better. Indeed it could make life infinitely worse.

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