Results of Lie Detector Test in Knightsbridge guarantee a Happy Christmas

Our client was a little torn about booking a lie detector test in Knightsbridge for her son.  She thought it would end a close friendship with her neighbour but in the end decided the truth was better out.

Veronica’s Case

The situation began when new neighbours moved in next door. They have a son, Jack, who has a mental impairment. He can speak but not very well and Veronica’s son, Bruce, seemed to make fast friends with him. The neighbours welcomed them into their home as if they were family. They seemed overjoyed that someone was finally taking some notice of their son, and wanted to be his friend. They’d explained the cruel and nasty things people said about Jack when they passed him in the street, and the sniggers they hear behind his back. Jack had always been made fun of and all the jeers and name calling had made him withdrawn and miserable. Bruce seemed to be making him come out of his shell and start to enjoy life.

It was heart breaking to hear their plight and they all became fast friends.  Jean, the mother showed Veronica how to care for her son and she regularly had him over at her house. This allowed Jean and her husband to go out and enjoy some time together, something they said had been impossible for many years.

Buying a friendship?

Bruce regularly came home with gifts from them and at first, Veronica thought it was sweet. They were just small things like a football top, cinema tickets or the odd video game here and there. She truly believed these gifts were so the two boys could enjoy time together.

Veronica told Jean that she didn’t need to keep buying the gifts and Jean apologised if Veronica wasn’t comfortable with it. She just wanted to make Bruce feel like part of the family. She felt Bruce put up with a lot and was so patient with Jack, that he deserved a little reward here and there. As a single mother, Veronica couldn’t see the harm if another family wanted to help her, especially considering that she was doing something in return.  But she didn’t want Jean to feel that she was buying Bruce’s friendship.

Jean and Veronica get on like a house on fire.  They are now so close, that they’re all now in a bubble together as family, due to there being just 5 of them. Veronica is now also classed as Jack’s part time carer.

Missing games console

All was well but then Jean came round for her usual cuppa and told Veronica something that really disturbed her. She said she’d shown Bruce Jack’s Christmas present. It was a brand new Nintendo Switch. She’d shown him as she wanted him to play it to see if it was too advanced for Jack. Bruce said it wasn’t too hard for Jack, and even if it was he and his new best mate would work it out anyway.  Jean was delighted with this and so wrapped it up and hid it under the bed ready for Christmas, only to find Jack looking for his gifts the following day. She decided to put them in the attic, but when she looked under the bed the Nintendo Switch wasn’t there.

Once Jean had left, Veronica searched Bruce’s room and found the games console. She confronted Bruce about it and he said that Jack had lent it to him. Jack didn’t even know it existed, according to his mother, so how could he have?  Veronica gave it back to Jean and told her what Bruce had said. Jean believed it, but Veronica didn’t know if this was just out of fear of losing her boy’s only friend.

Knightsbridge lie detector test

Veronica booked a lie detector test in Knightsbridge for her son.  Our London Polygraph Examiner explained that Bruce would need to read and be able to understand the consent form. Both he and his Veronica would need to sign it given Bruce’s age.

The results of the polygraph examination confirmed that Bruce had been telling the truth. Jack had found the console under the bed and told Bruce he could borrow it.  However, since Bruce knew that it was Jack’s Christmas present, he should never have accepted it.

Veronica showed Jean the results of the lie detector test and explained that she wanted to be sure Bruce was telling the truth.  What Bruce doesn’t know is that he is getting a Nintendo Switch for Christmas so that he and Jack can play multiplayer together. Honesty is best rewarded.

London Polygraph Service

Please feel free to call our Customer Care Team (07572 748364) if you are experiencing a similar problem to Veronica’s.  Our London polygraph examiners will do their very best to help with any matter involving suspected dishonesty.