Results of Infidelity Lie Detector Test in Portsmouth Embarrass Husband

When her husband suspected she was having a fling with a publican, our client booked an infidelity lie detector test in Portsmouth to prove her innocence.

Anika’s Case

Jeff was really proud of his wife, Anika. She had raised their 4 children fantastically and when the youngest was over 16, she’d decided to go back to work. She didn’t need to. Jeff told her she’d done her bit and she should retire at 50. Coming up to her 51st birthday, she’d complained of being bored, now the two eldest had flown the nest and the youngest was working.  Anika had scoured the internet to find work but her CV was outdated and her experience was pretty much just raising kids these days.

Boy’s night out

Jeff was on a stag do when he met Trevor. He seemed like a nice enough guy and owned a local pub. After they had been chatting a while, Jeff mentioned that his wife was looking for a job. Trevor offered to give her a few shifts, if the work was good enough for her. Trevor said he was married and had kids of his own, so where was the harm? Jeff returned home a little worse for wear and told Anika about the opportunity. She was over the moon. Not only would she have a few quid to get her nails done and buy something nice for herself, but she’d be out at night, something she hadn’t done for years.

Preparing for opening night

Anika got in touch with Trevor and he explained there was a lot to do. He could offer her some cleaning shifts to help get the pub ready for reopening after the COVID-19 lockdown. Anika jumped at the chance and soon she was working every day.

Jeff questioned his wife about this. The pub wasn’t even open so what could she possibly still be cleaning after two weeks? They’d argued, with Anika saying all Jeff wanted was a housewife and he didn’t’ want her to enjoy herself. Jeff responded that he thought something was going on. Anika couldn’t believe he didn’t trust her after all these years and contacted us to book a polygraph examination.

Infidelity lie detector test in Portsmouth

Anika didn’t tell Jeff about the lie detector test, but instead took her eldest son with her for moral support. He’d waited in a café while his mother put herself through something he thought would humiliate her.

Joining her son two hours later, Anika confirmed her examiner had made her feel at ease and the whole experience was not what she had expected.  She had been relaxed and comfortable throughout the process.  There were no neon signs screaming “Lie detector tests” outside the office or on the outside of the building, and the examiner didn’t wear a uniform. She hadn’t felt humiliated at all and was happy with the results provided verbally. But she’d asked the full report be sent to her husband.

Jeff had been so paranoid that when he received the results, he burst into tears and begged his wife to forgive him. He was so embarrassed that he’d pushed her to take a polygraph test.  Anika forgave him, they were a family and she didn’t want to lose that. Unfortunately, Trevor did make a pass at her a few weeks later but she slapped him and went straight home to tell her husband.

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