Case Study | Lie Detector Tests in Richmond reveal more than Massage Therapy

Oct 29, 2020

Lie Detector Tests in Richmond reveal more than Massage Therapy

Our clients ordered two lie detector tests in Richmond for their respective husbands when they suspected infidelity with a local masseuse.

Carmel and Adaliya’s Case

When Darrius, Carmel’s husband injured his back in a motor bike accident it had taken several months for him to recover.  Ultimately he got over it and went back to work. However, periodically he complained about the pain flaring up again and rather than take heavy duty pain killers, his GP had suggested massage might help.  Darrius found a masseuse, Shanice,  online who was also a qualified physiotherapist.  She did home visits which was ideal since Darrius wouldn’t have to waste time on travelling to her.

Carmel worked night shifts in a care home and Darrius worked as a graphic designer during the day. Covid-19 restrictions meant that he was working from home most of the time but naturally Carmel couldn’t.  They made the most of the little time they had together during the week. Darrius booked his massage appointments in the evenings so they wouldn’t cut into the quality time he spent with Carmel.

The massage therapy seemed to work well, relieving the pain for a few days.  But having begun with one appointment per week, he stepped it up to two.

Recommendation to a friend

Adaliya and Briceson lived next door to Carmel and Darrius. One weekend Adaliya mentioned to Carmel that Briceson was in agony having fallen off his ladder whilst window cleaning.  His GP had prescribed painkillers after A&E had diagnosed that he had chipped a vertebrae.  It would take him around 6 weeks to recover they said but there was no treatment other than to take painkillers.

Carmel told her that Darrius was having regular massage sessions and seemed to be improving. She suggested contacting Shanice and seeing if she could fit Briceson in when she came to work on Darrius. Shanice said she could so it was arranged that she would work on Briceson at Darrius’s house to save her setting up all her equipment twice.

This arrangement continued for several weeks and whilst both men appeared to have recovered the massage sessions were ongoing.

Suspicion sets in

Shanice was 30 and 18 years younger than both men. She had a perfect figure and was always immaculately dressed.  On the odd occasion that the wives had spotted her, she arrived in a Mercedes sports car and looked more like an executive than a masseuse.

Since the massage sessions had begun, both men seemed less interested in sex with their wives. Despite being able to go out and play golf, mow the lawn and carry on with their work, they put their ailing libidos down to back pain.

Carmel and Adaliya were discussing this over coffee one morning and both suspected there was more going on than massage.  The sessions were costing a fortune at £150 an hour twice a week. They had both asked their husbands why the sessions were continuing and both said that the only way they were able to continue their normal activities was to keep the massage going. Without it, they’d be in pain.

Neither wife believed them, so they decided to book lie detector tests in Richmond to find out the truth of the matter.

Lie detector tests in Richmond

Darrius and Briceson both told their wives not to be so ridiculous but they weren’t budging and insisted they take the tests.  The night before the polygraph examinations Adaliya heard Briceson on the phone talking to someone and saying that there was nothing to worry about. Lie detector tests were easy to beat from what he had read on the internet. Adaliya assumed he was talking to Darrius. She felt sick overhearing the conversation because if they wanted to fool the test, they must be guilty of something.

Her suspicions were well founded when the results from the polygraph tests arrived 24 hours after they had been carried out.

It transpired that Shanice offered far more than massage and physiotherapy services. The threesomes the men had been engaged in with her made Carmel physically sick. This had gone on in her home and it was something she couldn’t forgive.

Conversely, Adaliya blamed Darrius for leading her husband astray. She and Briceson are now attempting to repair their marriage. However, their friendship with their neighbours has been destroyed.

London lie detector tests

If you can relate to Carmel and Adaliya’s case please get in touch via our Free Helpline on 0800 861 1058.  We may be able to help you move forward with your life.  Our London polygraph examiners are available in the Capital and throughout the Home Counties. All have tested negative for Covid-19 and are equipped with high quality PPE.  We are able to conduct tests at home or in any of our nationwide, controlled offices. (Please note that some offices may not be open due to local Covid-19 restrictions).

The truth is always better out, whether it ends your relationship or results in counselling to get it back on track.

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