Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Kettering resolves Valentine’s Day Dilemma 

Feb 5, 2021

Lie Detector Test in Kettering resolves Valentine’s Day Dilemma 

Our client booked a lie detector test in Kettering before she decided whether or not, three was a crowd on Valentine’s Day

Sophia’s Case

Married for over 35 years, Sophia and Malcolm never made a big deal of Valentine’s Day. Usually they cooked a special meal, opened an expensive bottle of wine and watched a movie. But with Covid lockdowns over the past year, they were getting ‘stir crazy’.

Sophia decided to do something special for her husband.  She was going to put a tent up in the garden and they could camp out for the night. They used to enjoy camping but hadn’t been for years.

Unexpected guest

One evening Malcolm, who was a paramedic, brought home one of his female colleagues.  She looked as though she had been crying. Malcolm explained that Adelle’s husband had run off with another woman. It had hurt her deeply and he didn’t think she should be left on her own.

Sophia agreed and made up a bed in their guest room. Over dinner, Adelle kept saying she was sorry but Sophia said that she had nothing to apologise for.  Apparently her husband had run off with a much younger woman. Considering Adelle only looked around 25, Sophia wondered how much younger the other woman could possibly be. The long hours involved in her job had killed her marriage, Adelle said.  Sophia had long become accustomed to Malcolm’s hours and didn’t mind them at all.  Paramedics were out helping other people all the time and she was proud of him.

Longer hours

After that night, Malcolm started taking on extra shifts.  Despite the hours he usually put in, they had a relatively active sex life. That stopped when he took on extra hours. Quite obviously he was tired but something was off.

He mentioned Adelle a lot. She was bearing up under the strain he said.

Sophia had never gone through her husband’s things and she loathed herself for doing it. But she was suspicious that he was seeing someone else. More than likely it was Adelle she thought, but she could find nothing that confirmed infidelity.

When Malcolm came home one morning, having been on a night shift, he asked Sophia if he could invite Adelle over for a meal on Valentine’s Day.  It was lonely for her without her husband and it would be a nice gesture, he said.

Not one to dwell on things, Sophia asked him directly if he was cheating on her with Adelle. He emphatically denied it and asked her why on earth she would even think it of him. When she tried to explain her doubts he flew off the handle and went to bed.

Lie detector test in Kettering

Not wanting to let it go, Sophia booked a lie detector test in Kettering for Malcolm. His explosive reaction had made her even more suspicious that something was going on.  She simply told him that if he didn’t take the test, she was leaving him. If he loved her he would take it. What possible reason could he have for not doing so?  It would be her Valentine’s Day gift. So he agreed.

Malcolm’s polygraph results proved he wasn’t cheating with Adelle or anyone else for that matter. But in his pre-test interview with our East Midlands Polygraph Examiner he confessed he wasn’t being entirely truthful with Sophia.

Adelle had attempted suicide. The stress of the job and her husband leaving her had depressed her to the point she felt she couldn’t cope.  Malcolm had been helping her through it so that she wouldn’t lose her job.

Valentine’s Day

It took ages for Sophia to get the tent up but she had achieved it.  She’d bought some solar garden lights to give a soft coloured glow. Adelle would join them for the meal but she would sleep in the house.  Sophia and Malcolm would be reliving their ‘misspent’ youth in the tent.

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