Lie Detector Test in Dudley exposes Sadistic Partner

When our client became ill after eating food at her own barbecue, she booked a lie detector test in Dudley for her partner. The results were not nice.

Brenda’s Case

Brenda and her friends loved socialising. Things had been difficult in lockdown and the friends had decided to meet outside for barbecues and picnics. Nathan, Brenda’s partner, never agreed with her ‘vegi’ lifestyle and criticised her for eating things that tasted like meat. Why not just eat the meat?

Brenda had always been vegetarian. It wasn’t only a lifestyle choice but also that meat didn’t seem to agree with her. She’d feel bloated and sick whenever she ate it. Her parents had been vegetarians and maybe their upbringing of her had something to do with the way her body reacted to meat. She had tried eating it on several occasions. Looking at Nathan tucking into a juicy steak always tempted her to try it but she never did. It wasn’t worth the stomach ache.

Mental Abuse

Once the lockdown had relaxed slightly, the friends all met up on a Sunday in their local park and as usual, Nathan did the cooking.

They’d been arguing a lot lately and being in each other’s pockets 24/7 wasn’t helping. They were both having to work from home and bickering at every given opportunity.  Nathan was starting to get really nasty. He was commenting on the weight she’d put on during lockdown. Looking around her, everyone seemed to have put on a few pounds, but it still made her feel disgusted with herself and quite depressed.  Nathan’s treatment of her was bordering on mental abuse. As soon as Brenda was able to break free from the relationship, she intended to. Her family had been saying for years how controlling and unpleasant Nathan was, but Brenda just hadn’t seen it until now.

Meat free sausages

The barbecue went well and Brenda had really enjoyed the meal, until a few hours later when she returned home and started to feel ill. She asked Nathan about the food they’d eaten and he’d said he’d given her what she always had, meat free sausages. As she started to feel worse, she got an inkling that Nathan had given her meat sausages to make her feel ill. Not satisfied with abusing her mentally, he’d gone a step further knowing the sausages would make her poorly. After a few days in bed, she decided to contact us for a lie detector test in Dudley.

She’d asked Nathan outright if he’d switched her meal, but he denied it and called her stupid for thinking such a thing. He’d take the lie detector test he said but he’d seen the shows and didn’t think it was a valid solution.

Lie detector test in Dudley

Brenda arranged the test on a Wednesday and received a £125 discount on her controlled office booking. The results were returned to her in less than 24 hours. They confirmed that Nathan had made her ill by giving her meat sausages, rather than the normal meat free. Worse still, he had deliberately switched the sausages and his plea that it was an accident didn’t wash. Brenda thought it silly to leave her long term boyfriend over something so trivial but it was the final thing in a long list that tipped it over the edge. She realised that not only did Nathan enjoy mentally abusing her but now physically as well. Brenda has moved back in with her parents and left Nathan in their flat. She doesn’t want anything to do with him or the life they had built together.

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