Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Brighton dispels False Allegations of Paedophilia

Mar 5, 2021 | Brighton, Case Study, False allegations

Lie Detector Test in Brighton dispels False Allegations of Paedophilia

Our client anonymously wrote to us last month worried about false allegations of paedophilia. A lie detector test in Brighton helped him dispel the rumours.

Ian’s Case

Since graduating from University six years ago Ian had found it very difficult to get a job. His prospects of finding one in the Covid-19 pandemic were close to zero. His parents had contributed a great deal toward his education but they weren’t rich. For pocket money Ian often did babysitting but noticed, a few months ago, that he was getting less and less bookings. Obviously he realised that with the various Covid restrictions people weren’t going out as much.

One of his regulars cancelled just before Valentine’s Day at a time when they could have gone out given local restrictions. It wasn’t until he looked at his Facebook page that he appreciated why.  One of his friends sent him a message that the couple who cancelled, thought he was a child molester.

Horrified, he looked through posts on his page and saw there were several accusing him of paedophilia.  Looking at his Twitter account it was littered with vile posts. He immediately called his regular customers to protest his innocence. Many told him they were just not going out as much but the tone of their voices made him believe they weren’t telling the truth. Others refused to discuss the matter and put the phone down on him.

Lie detector test in Brighton

Ian wrote to us initially for advice via our blog. Our Brighton Polygraph Examiner provided some free advice to him.  She suggested that he contact the couple who had cancelled for Valentine’s Day and that he blocked anyone posting false allegations of paedophilia on Facebook and Twitter.

Although Ian managed to block the malicious posts the damage had already been done.  He booked a lie detector test in Brighton, at his home, as a last resort to resolve the problem. His parents, who were devastated by the horrible rumours, paid for it.

The questions Ian was asked were formulated in consultation with him, his parents and our polygraph examiner.  The test results showed no deception at all and Ian received his fully analysed, peer reviewed report within 24 hours of taking the test.

He emailed a copy of the report to everyone he babysat for.  This resulted in many replies, some stating that they hadn’t believed the rumours. Others said they hadn’t even heard the rumours but some called him to apologise for believing them.

Ian did understand that where children are involved people will be very cautious. But he just wished they had contacted him to voice their concerns rather than cutting him off and remaining silent.

False allegations of paedophilia

At Lie Detector Test UK our polygraph examiners are highly experienced in dealing with false allegations. But those related to paedophilia are the worst for the victims involved.  Ian was aware that if his test results had shown deception, we would be duty bound to report them to the police. It took our polygraph examiner quite some time to convince him that his natural nervousness would not affect his test results.

Ian’s life is now back on track and should the false allegations surface again, he has his polygraph report to dispel them.

Don’t let rumours and malicious gossip ruin your life. A polygraph examination is the quickest way to stop them in their tracks.  Contact us on our free helpline (0800 861 1058) to find out it a lie detector test can help you.

Please note that all case studies on our blog have the permission of our clients to be published. Names and locations have been changed to protect their privacy and security.

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