Daughter confirms Father’s Infidelity with a Lie Detector Test in Luton

Our client suspected her father of cheating on her mother and ordered a lie detector test in Luton to find the truth.

Emma’s Case

Emma was 11 years old when she decided she wanted to be an air hostess, like her mother before her. She loved seeing the world. Lucas, her father, was a pilot and often took her and her mother away (at a discounted rate) with him when he travelled for work. This was one of the perks of his job and throughout the summer holidays, Emma would fly to different destinations and take in the diverse cultures and atmospheres. She had studied English Literature, English Language, Spanish, German and Italian for her A levels and also knew how to speak Mandarin and Arabic thanks to a course her mother had bought her online. This gave her the pick of the airlines but she chose her father’s, as she knew some days she would get to travel with him. This didn’t last long though, as due to his age he decided to change airlines to a smaller one, so he wasn’t out of the country too much.

Too busy for his daughter

One afternoon, Lucas announced he had an overnight trip to Belgium. Emma always wanted to go but the opportunity had never arisen. Seemed silly to her, she’d been to China, Dubai and Thailand but hardly any of Europe.  She was due some holiday so opted to take the time off and travel with her father to Belgium.  However, here enthusiasm was dampened when Lucas said that on this occasion she couldn’t go. He said he wouldn’t be able to spend time with her and show her around. He wasn’t happy for her to go out alone as it was a big city she’d never been to before. Finally, her nagging paid off. He caved in and agreed to let her travel with him. But he explained that he had a number of meetings and she would mostly be by herself.

Emma didn’t see much of her father after they arrived at the hotel. Bored with trawling through all the TV channels, she decided to go to the bar and have a drink. Once there, she saw Lucas with one of his stewardesses. It didn’t look like the meeting he was supposed to be having that evening, and their body language suggested there was more to their relationship than just professional. He was clearly out for the night. He was wearing his favourite shirt which her mother, Michelle, used to joke was his “pulling shirt”. The whole situation made Emma uneasy so she decided to call it a night and headed off to bed.

Suspicious behaviour

In the morning, Emma didn’t see her father for breakfast. Instead she was given a note by reception to say a car would take her to the airport and he’d meet her there. Upon arrival, she asked Lucas where he’d been and he claimed his meeting had overrun. Unbeknown to him, Emma had waited outside the airport and she’d seen him arrive with the stewardess. This wasn’t normal and it looked very suspicious. Jokingly, she thought about booking a lie detector test in Luton where they lived to see exactly what he’d been up to.

The flight back had been silent. Normally Lucas would come and see his daughter or invite her into the cockpit, but she hadn’t seen him. When she asked why, he said it was company policy after terrorist attacks and also due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Emma knew this but she was an air hostess. Surely they could bend the rules a little? Emma asked him about his absence at breakfast and his arrival with the stewardess on the way home. Lucas scolded her for questioning his actions, telling her he didn’t need to explain every detail of his life to her and she should keep quiet. He became unusually defensive and told her if she continued to question his behaviour, he wouldn’t travel with her again. He said saying anything to her mother would just cause a row and it was all innocent, so why would she want to upset her mother for no reason? Emma started to think a lie detector test in Luton wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Doting wife

Michelle always waited patiently every time her husband was away. The money came from her side of the family, so she didn’t need to work. She kept herself and her home in impeccable order. Once a stewardess herself she always made sure she looked amazing, just out of habit.  She’d given up the job when Emma was born. To be honest she’d never needed it, she’d only done it as a way to see the world. She had encouraged Emma to do the same thing. Michelle also felt at ease knowing her husband was with Emma, and not running around with the stewardesses as they had both once done all those years ago. This is how they’d met in the first place.

Lie detector test in Luton

Emma didn’t believe her father, but she needed proof. She contacted us and ordered a lie detector test for her father. If the whole trip had been so innocent, why would he try to shut her up? Emma told Lucas she’d booked him in for a polygraph examination and explained it was either that or he could tell Michelle why he wouldn’t take it. Michelle knew nothing of the events in Belgium, or what her daughter suspected.

The following day Lucas took the test. There had been a cancellation and the last minute test was just what Emma wanted. He would have no time to try and wriggle out of it or look up ways to try to beat it. She hoped he’d pass but deep down she knew he wouldn’t.

The problem she faced was what to do with the polygraph results when she got them.  She had been right; her father was cheating on her mother. Considering this carefully, Emma decided to give her father an ultimatum. He would stop his affair with the stewardess or she would reveal his sordid secret. Lucas is now considering retirement.