Crowborough Lie Detector Test dispels False Allegations

False allegations damage relationships and can ruin careers.  Luckily our client had a mother who knew how to stop them in their tracks.  She booked a Crowborough lie detector test.

Glenn’s Case

Glenn was sick of staying in. The lockdown had hit him hard mentally and financially. He worked as a self-employed builder for a large building company but with social distancing he had been laid off temporarily.

One afternoon, he went to the supermarket and drove past his old building site. He saw all his work mates on site and pulled in to find out why he hadn’t been called back. His supervisor told him that whilst the site was shut some expensive tools had gone missing and everyone had said it was him. The Site Manager said he was lucky they hadn’t contacted the police.

Bad Reputation

Glenn was upset. He’d never stolen anything in his life. The worst thing was that he knew who the culprit probably was. He’d been mates with Jason since they were kids and he was always taking things from site that he shouldn’t. It was probably even him that had pointed the finger.

It wasn’t just that he’d lost his job that was getting to Glenn. It was the impact these false accusations might have on future work. Being self-employed, something like this could ruin his career, as well as the trustworthy reputation it had taken him years to build. He called Jason when he knew he’d finished work and Jason denied knowing anything about the missing items. He also denied knowing anything about the accusations against Glenn.

Mother knows best

Glenn went to his Mother’s that evening and couldn’t settle. He was so worried about how he was going to pay his next month’s mortgage and bills. He knew no one would touch him with a bargepole if the word got out he’d been laid off for theft.

His mother, Gloria, contacted us to book a Crowborough lie detector test the following day. She knew her son wasn’t capable of this kind of thing but she knew Jason was. She and Jason’s mother had been friends for years and Gloria contacted her to see if she wanted to chip in to book a double test. Jason’s mother agreed. If Jason had done this and tried to destroy Glenn’s career then that wasn’t on.

Crowborough lie detector test

Glen and Jason felt a little silly being driven to our office for the polygraph examinations. They were both grown men but the mothers insisted on accompanying them.

Jason sat his test first and then Glenn. They joined their mothers for lunch afterwards. Glenn had received his results verbally after his test, proving he hadn’t taken the items.  Jason said he hadn’t had his so they agreed not to discuss the tests further until the fully analysed reports arrived by email. As the mothers had booked the tests, they would receive the results.

The results arrived 24 hours later and Gloria was waiting for them. They proved that Glenn was innocent and also that Jason had taken the items from work. Jason’s mother was furious and marched him down to the site like a child. She made him admit it was him that took the items and he was fired on the spot. The Site Manager apologised to Glenn and he is now back working, thankfully with his reputation untarnished.

South East Polygraph Examiners

Don’t allow false allegations to ruin your life. Our South East Polygraph Examiners are available to conduct lie detector tests all over the region.  They are committed to dispelling false accusations and exposing dishonesty in any situation where it exists.  Call our free helpline on 07572 748364 to find out if we can help you.

Alternatively you can use our secure online booking system to arrange a time and place for a lie detector test.  Home visits are advised at this time while there is still a coronavirus risk. Our polygraph examiners have all tested negative for Covid-19 and are equipped with relevant PPE.