Lie Detector Test in Chichester restores Trust in a Marriage

Thrown together 24/7 during lockdown, some people have found it hard. Our client booked a couple’s lie detector test in Chichester to resolve constant arguments about infidelity.

Corey and Tracy’s Case

Corey was adamant his wife had cheated, she was doing all of the usual things that he believed cheats did. She was getting dressed up, full make-up and hair done just to go to the supermarket. If they argued she would always accuse him of cheating and start snarling whenever he got a text from a female friend on his phone. Tracey had always been insecure but things were getting worse. His once simple, fragile and beautiful wife had turned into a ‘bunny boiler’.  In the last few months she’d become restless and agitated and Corey didn’t know why.

Exercise classes

Tracey was almost bubbling with excitement when the gym reopened. Corey asked her to stay away for a few weeks, just to let things settle. He didn’t want his wife in danger with COVID-19 rearing its ugly head again but she’d made up her mind she was going.  There was nothing he could do to stop her. Tracey always went to Zumba and her classes had started up at midnight. Tracey was still working from home and saw no problem with the late night fitness workout. She just wanted to get back to normal. She went to the class and by the time she’d showered and wound down, it was almost 2am before she got back home.

Frosty reception

When she returned home, Corey wasn’t happy. She could see it written all over his face. They argued, which wasn’t unusual since the lockdown but this time it was fierce. They said things to each other they both knew they’d regret. Corey accused her of being with another man and not in the gym, but in the end he’d gone up to bed and that was the end of it.

Tracey knew they had to do something about all this arguing and uncertainty, so she contacted us for a couple’s lie detector test in Chichester. She suspected he was cheating because gaslighting was what cheaters did.  He knew full well that she wouldn’t sleep with anyone else. In her mind he was clearly accusing her of something he was doing. She knew something was terribly wrong and it needed to be dealt with.

Couple’s lie detector test in Chichester

Tracey was very surprised when Corey jumped at the chance of taking a lie detector test. He seemed happy that she’d taken the initiative to try and sort out their problems. Although he was frightened of the results. He loved Tracey and if he found she had cheated he’d be devastated.

The appointment for their couple’s lie detector test in Chichester seemed to come around really quickly. They were nervous on the day but were reassured by their examiner and both confidently sat the test. They asked for the results to be sent to their email and not provided verbally after the test. Tracey thought if they were going to argue, it should be behind closed doors.

Results and conclusion

Corey and Tracey received the results of their polygraph examinations the following day. Neither of them had cheated in their entire 20 years together. There was no sexual contact, kissing or intercourse for either of them apart from with each other. Feeling relieved, they opened a bottle of wine and chatted like they never had before. They stayed up all night talking things through. It was a revelation to them to learn that months of living in each other’s pockets during lockdown had made them bitter, irritated and angry. They’d taken it out on each other and in the end it had gotten the better of them. The polygraph results have enabled them to put this behind them by ensuring they communicate more, rather than argue. There is also more trust in their relationship than there has ever been.

If you need help restoring trust within your relationship, call our free helpline on 07572 748364 to find out more about lie detector tests. They provide a quick way to move forward with your life