Arrogant Husband fails Lie Detector Test in Gatwick

As Spain opens its borders, we thought we would share one of our airport case studies from last year.  A disappointed wife booked a lie detector test in Gatwick for her Spanish husband.

Diana’s Case

Diana moved to Spain when she was 25. She’d worked as a dancer in a London club and after a few years had ended up marrying the owner. Javier was handsome and generous, he’d told her he loved her and from that minute she no longer needed to work.  He swept her off her feet and they went off to Spain to spend their honeymoon at his farm.

One thing she hadn’t expected was that it was Javier’s intention that she stayed on the farm. He had always wanted children and felt his family home was the best place for her to have them.  Soon they had two young sons.

Diana missed her old life. Being a Spanish wife wasn’t all she’d hoped. She’d dreamed of days in the sun and living the highlife. They had plenty of money but it had turned out nothing like that. These days she was home all day with the children, cooking and cleaning. Javier was never around and even when the lockdown was in place he was never home.

Spanish way of life

Diana complained to Javier about the way he behaved but he said this was how all Spanish men behaved. The wives stayed home and looked after the house and children, and the men worked. When the men finish working, they go to the bars and clubs and they deserved to he said. After all they were the ones bringing in the money.

For a while Diana took it on the chin. She understood more than most what it was like to have a broken family and didn’t want that for her boys. It wasn’t until Javier stayed out all night on a few occasions that she’d had enough.

Out hunting

Javier said that he’d been out hunting with the boys. As it was so late he hadn’t wanted to come home. Besides, he’d had far too much to drink and didn’t want to drive home in that state. Once Diana could understand, but four times in a week she couldn’t. She’d asked round and a few people had stated he’d been in a nightclub until the early hours with a woman. Diana knew that meant he’d been unfaithful. Nightclubs in Spain were a lot different than the ones in the UK. They were brothels and not for a night out dancing or drinking. If you wanted to dance you needed a disco and not a club.

Lie detector test in Gatwick

Javier had to visit his club London for a meeting with the manager.  Diana took the opportunity to go with him so that she could visit her Mum with the two boys.

However, she was still relatively young and wanted a better life for her family. She couldn’t just sit back and allow Javier to behave in a manner that would influence the way their sons would grow up. She’d asked Javier over and over if he was cheating but he denied it. The sex had dried up in their relationship and Diane felt she had no alternative but to arrange a lie detector test in Gatwick using our airport service.

Javier could speak English perfectly. Years of working on the Costas in his youth had seen to that. He’d always been a confident man and agreed to take the test.  His agreement was helped along by Diana telling him that if he didn’t, she was staying in London with her mother. On arrival, Javier seemed more confident than ever. He sat the lie detector test in Gatwick at our controlled office.

Results and consequences

Two days later Diana had a fully analysed report with the results. Javier had cheated and it had happened more than once. He knew he would fail the polygraph examination but what Diana thought had been confidence was actually arrogance. Javier said she should take it in her stride; it’s what Spanish men do.  Only misogynistic ones, Diana thought, and left immediately.

She now has her own place and sufficient income to take care of her children and herself. After all she co-owns the bar she once danced in. Javier is still up to his old tricks