Carer Coercion Allegations dispelled by Dartford Lie Detector Test

False allegations of coercion were made against our client when she became the main beneficiary of a will. She booked a Dartford lie detector test to dispel them.

Alice’s Case

A normal day out horse riding turned into a tragedy when Alice’s best friend, Clarisse, was thrown from her horse. A broken neck left Clarisse paralysed.

Although immobile, Clarisse retained her sharp wit and intelligence. At 50, she resisted going into a nursing home despite her family recommending it.  She had no children but plenty of cousins and an elderly aunt, none of whom were very helpful. Her husband had died young and she had never remarried.

However, Alice who was recently divorced was more than happy to care for her friend. Alice’s two sons were both married and she didn’t see them very often. Mainly they got together for Christmas and other holidays.

So, Alice moved into Clarisse’s house 20 years ago and became not only her carer but also her companion. She managed every aspect of her life and between Alice, the cleaner and an agency nurse they managed very well.

Last will and testament

Unfortunately, Clarisse suffered adverse effects after her second Covid 19 vaccination. She felt generally unwell for weeks and decided she should make her will. At Clarisse’s request Alice called her solicitor who took her instructions over the phone. A week later, the solicitor came to the house, two witnesses were arranged for the signing and Alice went shopping while they conducted their business.

Three weeks later, Clarisse died having had a massive stroke caused by a blood clot in her brain.

Her family, who had rarely visited her over the years, arrived for the funeral that Alice arranged. Clarisse’s solicitor also attended and read the will at the house after the burial.

Alice was shocked to learn that she was the main beneficiary and even more stunned by Clarisse’s wealth. She had left Alice the best part of £2 million. They had always lived modestly but the solicitor explained that much of the wealth had come from her husband’s estate. Although he had died young he had inherited a lot of money when his parents died in a car crash. The bulk of his estate had been invested in stocks, shares and property. Aside from a couple of small bequests to animal charities, her estate now belonged to Alice.

The family were not pleased and accused Alice of coercing Clarisse into making a will in her favour whilst the balance of her mind was disturbed. After all, she had been ill for weeks before she made the will. They said they would contest it.

Dartford lie detector test

Alice booked a lie detector test in Dartford with our Home Counties polygraph examiner. She wanted to prove that she had nothing whatsoever to do with the creation of Clarisse’s will. Her polygraph results confirmed that this was the truth.

Alice then emailed the Dartford lie detector test report to all the family members. She said that it had been her intention to split the money evenly between them all. She would retain the cottage where she had lived with Clarisse and sufficient income to support her until she died.

However, given their attitude she was now more inclined to donate the money to a variety of charities. They had hardly seen Clarisse since the accident all those years ago, and they hadn’t even visited her in hospital after the stroke. She was surprised they turned up for the funeral but seemingly they had done that to find out what they might gain from her death.

If they could convince her that they were entitled to benefit from the will, she might reconsider she told them. Alice has promised to update us if that happens.