Cardiff Lie Detector Test reveals Daughter’s Secret Occupation

Mar 14, 2019

A number of young impressionable women are now turning to escorting or stripping to make ends meet. Most keep this a secret from their families and are never found out. This is how a Cardiff Lie Detector test helped Carla and her daughter Janey.

Carla’s case

Janey was ambitious, at 5ft 10 inches and slim she had everything going for her. Everyone always commented on how pretty she was and that she should maybe consider modelling. Janey wasn’t so sure, she ever had much confidence. Her mother Carla pushed her, hard. Dance lessons, acting lessons and anything else she could think of to give her the best start in life. Janey knew her mother was trying to give her the opportunities in life she never had.

Late nights and early mornings

Carla knew her daughter couldn’t keep up with her new found social life. She was getting in at 4am and getting up at 7am for dance classes. She approached Janey and explained she needed to put everything into her classes and get into a good college. As much as Janey said she would stop, the late nights continued until one day Carla’s neighbour Derek said he thought he’d seen her in one of the adult clubs in town the previous Wednesday. Carla couldn’t imagine what she was doing there and asked Janey that night. Janey replied that she’d never even been there and didn’t even know it existed. Something was off and Carla couldn’t put her finger on it. She’d heard a friend had used our Cardiff Lie Detector Test previously, when she suspected he husband of infidelity, and called her for the details.

Cardiff lie detector test

Carla contacted us and shared her fears that her daughter may be working in an adult club to make ends meet. She thought it probable that she was bar tending but didn’t want her there due to the danger of the situation. Our polygraph examiner confirmed we could help and Carla booked the test for the following week. A single mother and only claiming Jobseekers Allowance and housing benefit, she knew the cost was worth it even if this did dip into her savings.

Janey was beside herself, she wanted to take the test because she wanted her mother to know what she’d been doing but was frightened of her reaction. She agreed to it. Whatever the consequences were they’d get through it.

My beautiful baby girl, how could she?

Janey took her polygraph test. Prior to the pre-test interview Janey was unaware of what the questions would be. Her mother wanted to know if she was working as a stripper. Our examiner had suggested this for the final question as a way to help Carla discover the truth. Janey had been working as a stripper and knew her results would reveal the truth. On the day of the results they did exactly as she’d thought.

Carla was devastated to learn of what her daughter had been doing to make a better life for them both. That she felt she needed to take her clothes off so they could eat was horrifying. Together they sought help and counselling. Both are now doing well. Janey has stopped stripping having taken up bar work at the local pub, and is saving for college. It doesn’t pay as well but at least she’s safe and even at 21, her mother knows exactly where she is. The Cardiff Lie Detector test helped them both, could it help you?

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