Car Parts Theft examined with Solihull Lie Detector Tests

When our client noticed a huge deficit in his car parts stock, he ordered four Solihull lie detector tests in an attempt to resolve the issue.

Zaine’s Case

Much of Zaine’s business had been conducted online since the pandemic.  Smaller car parts had been couriered or posted. The larger ones were often collected due to the cost of transit.

Lockdowns had given Zaine an opportunity to get his accounts in order and allowed him to spend more time at home with his family.  For car part collections he relied on his staff to handle them. Four members of staff had keys to the warehouse.

With all the administrative work up to date except the stock check, he was feeling quite self-satisfied. He couldn’t remember a time when he had been so organised.

Stock check

The stock check took place over a weekend and the tally was disastrous.  Zaine wondered whether he’d made a mistake in his accounting, or perhaps there was something wrong with the database software.  It took him a week of scrutinising the paperwork and computer records to realise that someone was stealing his car parts. There could be no other explanation.

Hours of viewing CCTV activity produced nothing suspicious.  However, the system he had only retained two weeks of footage, overwriting anything prior when the disk was full.  With no reported break-ins there hadn’t been a reason to look through it during lockdowns.

He’d never had cause to mistrust his employees but in the absence of a break-in, he reasoned that one or more of them must be responsible.  Or perhaps it was a disgruntled employee from the past who had maybe retained a key to the warehouse.

Solihull lie detector tests

With thousands of pounds worth of missing stock, Zaine decided to contact Lie Detector Test UK to find out if we could help.  He didn’t want to report the theft to the police straight away without eliminating his employees first.

We suggested that he send a memo to all the key holders and inform them about the missing stock, asking them if they had any knowledge of it.  All responded that they didn’t.  He then sent another memo asking them to agree to take lie detector tests, before he reported the matter to the police. None of them had a problem with this.

Our West Midlands polygraph examiner conducted all the tests on the same day in Zaine’s warehouse.

Results and conclusion

The Solihull lie detector tests showed no deception in any of the results.  However, one of the employees told our examiner in the pre-test interview that he suspected one of his family members had access to his keys.  The relative was a bit ‘dodgy’ he said.

Zaine has now reported the theft to the police and will keep us informed of any progress. He has also upgraded his security system.

Commercial lie detector tests

Polygraph examinations are a fast way to establish the truth.  In matters likely to involve the police, employees are often grateful to take tests rather than be involved in a police investigation.  Periodic lie detector tests in the workplace are a great way to prevent theft and fraud.

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