Burton on Trent Lie Detector Test enquiry about Social Media Activity

Oct 26, 2020

Burton on Trent Lie Detector Test enquiry about Social Media Activity

Our East Midlands Polygraph Examiner responded to a Burton on Trent lie detector test query regarding a partner’s attitude toward social media activity. It’s by no means the first we have received.

Q: Can I book a Burton on Trent lie detector test to convince my partner I’m not seeing men who have contacted me on social media?

I’m beginning to get very frustrated with my partner and I’m wondering if a lie detector test could help me. We’ve been together for 25 years and there has always been trust in our relationship, until recently. I joined Facebook a few years ago and constantly get requests from people I either know from school, or from friends of friends. If these are male my partner always seems to get really paranoid about it. I then have to go through them with him, showing him there are no private messages and what the connection between us is.

The other day, I received a friend request from someone I didn’t know. The guy came from the States and just sent me a message saying “Hi”. I’m not sure how he got my details but I deleted the message. Unfortunately my partner saw me do it. He asked why I’d deleted it and I said because it was from someone I didn’t know.  We argued because he insisted that I must know who it was and he just wouldn’t let it go. He kept accusing me of messaging this guy and arranging to meet him, in America? I mean come on!

I’ve now been forced to delete my Facebook account to stop all the arguing but he even says that is me covering something up. Could your Burton on Trent lie detector test service help me prove that I have not been sending sexual messages to other men on social media?

T. I., Burton on Trent

Response from East Midlands Polygraph Examiner

Social media activity is high on our list of mistrust enquiries.  I am sorry it is causing issues within your relationship.

In answer to your question, a polygraph examination can help you prove that you are not sending sexual messages, or indeed doing anything else with men on social media.

However, it seems a little extreme that you have had to delete your Facebook page. Your partner sounds very controlling.  Perhaps you might want to consider getting him to take a lie detector test too.  If he has had no reason to mistrust you in the past why is he reacting so strongly to your social media activity? Is he gaslighting you?

Burton on Trent Lie Detector Test

You can choose a location for the test by booking online.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions some of our offices are closed and we have therefore upped our capacity for home tests. If it’s not convenient to have the test done at your home, you may have to travel a little further to a controlled office.

Please don’t hesitate to call our Free Helpline (0800 861 1058) for up to date information about which of our offices is open.  If you want more advice about your situation let our customer care representative know that the East Midlands Polygraph Examiner has suggested you call.  Naturally any conversation you have with us will be totally confidential.

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