Bristol lie detector test used for infidelity suspicions

Apr 8, 2022

Bristol lie detector test used for infidelity suspicions

A Bristol lie detector test recently helped clear up infidelity suspicions. Our client Harry came to us suspecting his girlfriend Laura guilty of cheating. Here is Harry’s story and how he got the truth he deserved by turning to Lie Detector Test UK for help.

The beginning

Harry and Laura met when the couple went to a mutual friend’s wedding. Laura was best friends with the bride, Samantha, and Harry went to university with the groom, Johnathan. Laura hit it off immediately with Harry and the couple were dating just three months later from the wedding.

Suspicion starts

Two years into dating the couple were told that Samantha and Johnathan were going to get a divorce. Both Laura and Harry were shocked, and offered Johnathan the chance to live with them in Bristol whilst the couple sold their house. Harry started to suspect that something wasn’t right when he realised how much Laura and Johnathan shared in common. The pair of friends became more and more flirty, and started to spend more time alone together, going to watch films that Harry didn’t want to see at the cinema, or going for regular coffees whilst Harry was stuck at work.


Harry had enough one evening when he got home to Samantha and Johnathan sharing what seemed an intimate embrace. He spoke to Laura in the kitchen, away from Johnathan, and asked her if something was going on between her and Johnathan. Laura denied anything going on and acted shocked and hurt that Harry didn’t trust her. However, later that day Harry was cleaning the spare room that Johnathan had been staying in, when he found a postcard. The postcard was from Laura and read “So glad to have met you, you make me smile and laugh every day. With Love, always, Laura”. He showed Laura the postcard immediately but she just said she was being a nice friend to Johnathan during a hard time.

Time for a polygraph test

Harry decided to research his options online, still feeling something with Laura and Johnathan wasn’t right. He came across Lie Detector Test UK’s blog and read about a similar story. He decided to ring our free helpline to discuss his options further. Harry booked a polygraph test on behalf of Laura for the following week. He told Laura later and she agreed she would take the test to prove he was being paranoid.

The results

Laura turned up to our Bristol office with her boyfriend Harry. Laura took her test and she passed. She told Harry he had nothing to worry about and she had just been enjoying spending time with Johnathan as a friend. She said she wished Harry wasn’t at work so often so they could do more things together as a couple. Harry agreed work had been intense recently and said he would make an effort to book time off. He apologised to Laura and thanked Lie Detector Test UK for stopping him from being concerned, and for helping the couple communicate their trust issues before it became a bigger problem.

If you suspect your partner of cheating on you then book your lie detector test online today. You can also call us on our free helpline on 0800 861 1058.

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